License Agreement for Use of Manuscript

Kyiv “___” __________ 20____

I (we), ______________ (hereinafter referred to as the Licensor), on the one hand, and International Association «Welding», on the other hand, represented by its Deputy Director Alexander T. Zelnichenko (hereinafter referred to as the Licensee), acting on the basis of Order #3-k of 1 June 2009, hereby agree to the state the following:

1. Subject of Agreement
The Licensor shall transfer free of charge to the Licensee the right to use the manuscript of article«___________________________________________________________________» written in the Russian/Ukrainian/English or other language on the terms and conditions specified in the present Agreement.

2. Property rights transferred to the Licensee
2.1. The Licensor shall transfer to the Licensee the rights:
2.1.1. To use the manuscript of the article for its publication in the «Avtomaticheskaya Svarka» (Automatic Welding) Journal (ISSN 0005-111X) in the Russian/Ukrainian language, and in «The Paton Welding Journal» (ISSN 0957-798X) in the English language.
2.1.2. To modify, adapt or amend the manuscript of the article by agreement with the Licensor.
2.1.3. To translate the manuscript of the article if it is written in a language other than the language of the publication.
2.1.4. To use the manuscript of the article for publication in subject collections of articles from the «Avtomaticheskaya Svarka» and «The Paton Welding Journal» as their part.
2.1.5. To use the article (partially or fully) published in the «Avtomaticheskaya Svarka» Journal and «The Paton Welding Journal» for placing it in the Internet.

3. Licensed territory
3.1. The Licensor shall transfer to the Licensee the right to use the manuscript of the article by the methods specified in items 2.1.-2.1.5 of this Agreement in the territory of Ukraine, as well as the right to disseminate it as part of the publication in the territory of Ukraine and other countries through prepayment, sale or free communication.

4. Term of transfer of rights
4.1. This Agreement becomes effective from the date of signing it and shall remain valid for a term of 5 years.
4.2. The term of validity of this Agreement can be extended by written consent of the Parties.

5. Notices
5.1. The Licensor states that:
he is the author (co-author) of the manuscript;
copyright of the manuscript was not transferred to any other publisher;
this manuscript was not published earlier, and will not be published by any other publishers before it is published by the Licensee;
he has the right to grant permission to use the article under this Agreement;
he did not infringe the intellectual property rights of other entities.
5.2. The Licensor agrees for transfer by the Licensee his personal data:
first, second and last name;
education background;
data on affiliation and post;
data on availability of published articles.

6. Miscellaneous

7. Requisites and signatures of the Parties

International Association «Welding»
11, Bozhenko Str., 03680, Kyiv, Ukraine
Bankers Trust Company, New York, USA,
Corr. Account # 04-094-227,
S.W.I.F.T.: BKTR US 33.
UKREXIMBANK, Kyiv, Ukraine,
Account # 2600801283433/840,
TIN # 142905626501
Certificate # 37040782
Tel./fax: (38044) 200-82-77, 200-81-45

Alexander T. Zelnichenko
Deputy Director
International Association «Welding»
Passport_____ #____
Issued by
Date of issue



(to be filled up and signed by all co-authors, or one of the authors on behalf of all co-authors)