Paton B.E., Nazarenko O.K., Nesterenkov V.M., Morozov A.A., Litvinov V.V. and Kazimir V.V.
Computer control of electron beam welding with multi-coordinate displacements of the gun and workpiece.
A new approach is considered to construction of control systems of EBW machines with a multi-coordinate displacement system. Its main feature is implementation of a visual method of development of welding programs for complex three-dimensional structures.
Khromchenko F.A. and Kalugin R.N.
Calculation-experimental method for evaluation of residual life of welded joints in steam pipelines.
Calculation-experimental methodological approach to evaluation of residual life of steam pipelines on the basis of long-time strength and structural state (microdamage) of metal of welded joints under creep conditions is considered.
Bushma A.I., Zelnichenko A.T. and Krivtsun I.V.
Comparative analysis of laser, plasma and combined methods for heating finely dispersed ceramic particles.
Temperature fields in finely dispersed ceramic particles (Al2O3 and SiO2) heated by the CO2-laser radiation, argon plasma flow and their combination, using volume, surface and combined heat sources, have been calculated through solving the non-stationary equation of heat conduction for a spherical particle, allowing for dependence of optical and thermal-physical properties of particle materials upon the temperature. Shown is the effect on space-time distribution of temperature of the above particles by a heating method, as well as optical and thermal-physical properties of the materials.
Voropaj N.M., Mazhejka A.I. and Markovich S.I.
Distribution of temperature in air jet and substrate during electric arc metallising.
Effect of the electric arc metallising process parameters on distribution of temperature in air jet and substrate is considered. The method for measurement of temperature in individual regions of the jet and substrate with variations in the arc current, air pressure and spraying distance is used. It is shown that temperature of the jet and substrate increases with increase in the arc current and air pressure.
Popov V.S., Bilonik I.M., Berezhny S.P., Sidorenko M.V., Seleznyov A.A. and Popov V.V.
Increase in fatigue limit of weld metal in application of refined complex alloy in coating of electrodes UONI-13/55.
It is shown that a complex ferroalloy used instead of traditional ferroalloys, i.e.deoxidizers, in electrode coatings leads to decrease in the content of non-metallic inclusions in low-carbon weld metal, increase in its short-time mechanical properties and fatigue limit.
Kononenko V.Ya. and Korsun A.O.
Structure and mechanical properties of welded joints made under the water with flux-cored wires.
Effect of the content of nickel on mechanical properties of the joints produced by wet underwater welding using self-shielded flux-cored wires has been studied. It is found that nickel additives improve the mechanical properties of weld metal. Investigations of the composition of non-metallic inclusions proved the absence of adhesion between the inclusion and matrix in some of them. This is related to increase in the concentration of hydrogen accumulated at the non-metallic inclusion-matrix interface during the structure formation process. Presence of such "traps" may decrease the rate of hydrogen mass transfer in underwater welding. It has been found that a mixed ferrite structure of the weld metal characterized by chemical heterogeneity is formed at a nickel content above 1.2 wt.%.
Lankin Yu.N., Tyukalov V.G., Moskalenko A.A., Gerasimenko A.M., Kovtunenko V.A., Bondarenko O.P. , Kuzmenko D.Yu., Maryshev P.V. and Chaban G.N.
Application of electroslag welding in repair of blast furnace body at OJSC "KGMK Krivorozhstal".
Mechanical properties of metal of 45 mm thick 06G2B steel welded joint made by high-speed electroslag welding with additional concurrent cooling are presented. Selection of method of electroslag welding for enlargement of blocks and erection of a girth of a non-cooled part of a self-bearing housing in repair of the first stage of blast furnace DP-9 at OJSC "KGMK Krivorozhstal" was substantiated. The process flow diagram using the new machine AD-381 for site electroslag welding is described.
Emelianov O.A., Shepotko V.P., Pikhota Yu.V., Lubenets S.V. and Burenko A.G.
Fatigue damages of welded crane bridges.
Results of analysis of fatigue damages in welded bridges at 1500 cranes covering a period of the last 25 years are presented. The need to revise approaches to methods and principles of design, fabrication and calculation of welded bridge structures is noted.
Lebedev V.A., Kuzmin I.S., Novgorodsky V.G. and Tkachenko V.A.
Device for single-button adjustment of operating modes of a semi-automatic welding machine.
The paper presents one of the methods of construction of operating modes controllers for mechanized arc welding equipment with arc voltage feedback. It is shown that semi-automatic welding machines, operated for a long time, can be upgraded at minimum engineering and hardware costs. This allows improving the welder's labour conditions and welded joint quality.
Thesis for a scientific degree. 40

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