Anti-plagiarism policy

The editorial board of "The Paton Welding Journal" accepts for publication original articles that have not previously been published in any other printed and electronic publications. If plagiarism is detected, the article is rejected without consideration for publication in the journal. In the event of any conflicts between the editorial board of the journal and the author(s), the editorial board is guided by the standards of publication ethics formulated by the Committee on Publication Ethics. More information at the link:

If the author does not accept the comments and wishes of the reviewer, the editorial board considers the conflicting problem and makes a final decision. If this decision does not satisfy the author, the author has the right to refuse to publish his material.

For all articles submitted for review to "The Paton Welding Journal", the level of uniqueness of the author's text is checked with the help of appropriate software, which analyzes the level of uniqueness of the articles, the use of sources of information and the partial coincidence of the text with other works ("Advego Plagiatus”).