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Fax: (38044) 200 82 77, 200 81 45.
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External cover, fully-colored:

First page of cover
(190x190 mm) $700
Second page of cover
(200x290 mm) $550
Third page of cover
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Article in the form of advertising is 50% of the cost of advertising area
When the sum of advertising contracts exceeds $1000, a flexible system of discounts is envisaged

Technical requirement for the advertising materials:

  • Size of journal after cutting is 200x290 mm
  • In advertising layouts, the texts, logotypes and other elements should be located 5 mm from the module edge to prevent the loss of a part of information
  • All files in format IBM PC:
    • Corell Draw, version up to 10.0
    • Adobe Photoshop, version up to 7.0
    • Quark, version up to 5.0
  • Representations in format TIFF, color model CMYK, resolution 300 dpi
  • Files should be added with a printed copy (makeups in WORD for are not accepted)


Dear Colleagues! Welcome to our booth 9A37 at exhibition SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017, Duesseldorf, 25-29 September 2017.
International Conference
Robotization and automation of welding processes, Ukraine, Kyiv, Paton Welding Institute, 12-13 June 2017

Starting from 12.01.2017, you can download PDF files of journals for the year 2015!
2016.11.16 International Conferensce Welding and related technologies - present and future, 5-6 december, 2018, Kiev, Ukraine (The First Call for Papers)
2016.08.06 New book: Pogrebisky D. Welding of Metals: Classification, Brief History, Development

The most recent issues of journals on the site

Avtomaticheskaya Svarka 8 (2017), Paton Welding Journal 8 (2017), Tekhnicheskaya Diagnostika i Nerazrushayushchiy Kontrol 2 (2017), Sovremennaya Elektrometallurgiya 2 (2017).

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