Пример подготовки статьи

Subscription requests should be sent to the Editorial Office.

Manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate in English, and supplemented with a text file and figures on a CD.

An electronic copy may be submitted by e-mail.

The rules for submission of electronic copies are as follows:

  • an electronic copy should be submitted on a CD or by e-mail simultaneously with sending a hard copy of the manuscript;

  • acceptable text formats: MSWord (rtf, doc);
  • acceptable graphic formats for figures: EPS, TIFF, CDR. Figures created using software for mathematical and statistical calculations should be converted to one of these formats.

Manuscripts should be supplemented with:

  • official letter signed by a chief manager of the institution where the work was performed. This rule does not apply to papers submitted by international groups of authors.

Title page:

  • title of the paper and name(s) of the author(s);
  • name of affiliated institution, full address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses (if available) for each author.

Abstract: up to 100 words, must be presented in English.

Before the abstract text one should indicate in the same language: the paper title, surnames and initials of all authors.

Key words: their amount must not exceed eight word units. In the specific cases it is acceptible to use two- or three-word terms. These words must be placed under the abstract and written in the same language.

Text should be printed double-spaced on white paper (A4 format) with a 12-point font. Titles of the paper and sections should be typed with bold capitals.

Tables should be submitted on separate pages in the format of appropriate text processors, or in the text format (with columns separated by periods, commas, semicolons, or tabulation characters). Use of pseudo-graphic characters is not allowed.

List of references should be double-spaced, with references numbered in order of their appearance in the text.

Captions for figures and tables should be printed in the manuscript double-spaced after the list of references.

Pictures will be scanned for digital reproduction. Only high-quality pictures can be accepted. Inscriptions and symbols should be printed inside. Negatives, slides and transparencies are accepted.

Figures: each figure should be printed on a separate page of the manuscript and have a size not exceeding 160 x 200 mm. For text in figures, use 10-point fonts. All figures are to be numbered in order of their appearance in the text, with sections denoted as (a), (b), etc. Placing figure numbers and captions inside figures is not allowed. On the back side, write with a pencil the paper title, author(s) name(s) and figure number, and mark the top side with an arrow.

Photographs should be submited as original prints.

Color printing is possible if its cost is covered by the authors.
For information about the rules and costs, contact the Executive Director.
No author’s fee is provided for.
Publication in TPWJ is free of charge.

Manuscripts should be sent to:

Dr. Alexander T. Zelnichenko
Executive Director of «The Paton Welding Journal»,
11, Bozhenko Str.,
03680, Kiev, Ukraine
International Association «Welding»
Tel.: (38044) 287 67 57, 529 26 23
Fax: (38044) 528 04 86
E-mail: au.veik.notap@lanruoj


2017.02.14 Обновлены Правила для авторов журнала «Автоматическая сварка»
Международная конференция «Роботизация и автоматизация сварочных процессов», Киев, ИЭС им. Е.О.Патона, 12-13 июня 2017
С 12.01.2017, доступны для скачивания ПДФ-файлы всех журналов также и за 2015 г.
2016.11.16 Міжнародна конференція «Зварювання та споріднені технології - сьогодення і майбутнє», 5-6 грудня 2018 р., Україна, м. Київ (Перше інформаційне повідомлення)
2016.08.06 Новая книга: Pogrebisky D. Welding of Metals: Classification, Brief History, Development
2016.07.25 Опубликована программа 8-й международной конференция «Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии в сварке и родственных процессах», 19-23 сентября 2016 г. Одесса, Украина, отель «Курортный»
2016.05.28 На сайт выложены рефераты журнала Автоматическая сварка №5-6 (2016) с докладами Международной конференции «Современные технологии сварки», 13-15 июня 2016, Киев, ИЭС
2016.04.29 Опубликована программа Международной конференции «Современные технологии сварки», 13-15 июня 2016, Киев, ИЭС
2016.04.22 На сайт добавлены труды 7 международной конференции «(2016) Laser Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing»
2016.03.18 На сайт добавлены Примеры оформления литературы для журналов согласно «Бюллетень ВАК Украины», № 5, 2009

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