(Advances in Electrometallurgy)


Quarterly scientific-technical and production journal.

ISSN 2415-8445

Key title: Sovremennaa elektrometallurgia
Abbreviated key title: Sovrem. elektrometall.
Parallel title: Electrometallurgy today

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Text in Russian, contents and summaries in English. The journal presents the results of theoretical and experimental research carried out at the PWI in the field of electrometallurgy. Special attention is given to electroslag technology (electroslag melting, refining and casting). The journal is divided into the following main sections:

  • electroslag technology;
  • electron beam processes;
  • plasma arc technology;
  • vacuum arc remelting and vacuum induction melting;
  • general problems of special electrometallurgy.

Till to January, 2003:

1975-1984 - Problemy Spetsialnoi Elektrometallurgii («Проблемы специальной электрометаллургии») Republican interdepartmental collection (Республиканский межведомственный сборник) (total 21 issues)
1985-2002 (total 72 issues) - Journal (журнал), 4 issues per year. Problemy Spetsialnoi Elektrometallurgii («Проблемы специальной электрометаллургии») ISSN 0233-7681.

«Sovremennaya Elektrometallurgiya» journal is published in English under the title of «Advances in Electrometallurgy» by Camdridge International Science Publishing, ISSN 1810-0384. Back to...


2018.08.29 XXII International Conference "Modern methods and equipment of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics"
10–14 september 2018, Odessa, Arkadiya, «Kurortny» hotel

2018.06.05 Program of International Conference “Titanium 2018. Production and application in Ukraine” Kyiv, 11-13 June, 2018
2018.03.20 IX International Conference «Mathematical modeling and information technologies in welding and related processes», Ukraine, Odessa, 10-14 September, 2018 (The First Call for Papers)
2018.01.20 Proceedings of the Eight International Conference «Beam Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing».
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2017.11.02 International conference «Titanium 2018: Production and application in Ukraine»
2016.11.16 International Conferensce «Welding and related technologies - present and future», 5-6 december, 2018, Kiev, Ukraine (The First Call for Papers)
2016.08.06 New book: Pogrebisky D. Welding of Metals: Classification, Brief History, Development

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