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2021.03.24 Serhiy Ivanovych KUCHUK-YATSENKO have died at the age of 91
2021.02.19 X International Conference «Beam Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing» 6-11 September, 2021, Ukraine, Odessa

Starting from 2020.12.30, you can download PDF files of journals for the year 2019!
2020.07.17 Attention!
The Sixth International Conference "Titan 2020: Production and Application" has been postponed to 2021. Dates will be announced after the end of quarantine in Ukraine
2020.02.21 VI International conference «Titanium 2020: Production and Application»
1–3 June 2020, Kyiv, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NASU

2020.01.17 X International Conference «Mathematical modeling and information technologies in welding and related processes» 14-18 September, 2020, Ukraine, Odessa
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