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«Avtomaticheskaya Svarka» Journal (Automatic Welding) is Published Monthly Since 1948 in Russian, ISSN 005-111X.

«The Paton Welding Journal» is Published Monthly Since 2000 in English, ISSN 0957-798X.

«The Paton Welding Journal» is Cover-to-Cover Translation of «Avtomaticheskaya Svarka» Journal into English.

Publication of Articles in Journals is Free of Charge, the Fee is not Paid.

1. Standard volume of article shall be 8-10 pages of text including tables, references, 5-6 figures (the volume of review article can be increased up to 12-14 pages). Text shall be printed at 1.5 spacing by Times New Roman, 12 type size.

Information should be described briefly, without repetition of data of tables and figures in the text. References should be given for literature, tables and figures. Figures should not have the data of secondary importance. Physical units and symbols should be presented using International System of Units SI.

Publication of article will be accelerated if to send it in electron form by E-mail in Word for Windows format. Illustrations shall be presented in separate files in format *.tif (300 dpi) for raster graphics or *.cdr (versions of not higher than 11.0, 600 dpi) for vector graphics.

2. The article should not have more than 5 authors (the rest ones, participating in the work, can be mentioned in footnote). Information about author should include affiliation and address, position, scientific title, address, telephone. In addition, the postal address of organization should be given in Russian and English (to take better from official site) and E-mail of one of authors (organization).

3. The article should be added with abstract and key words (from 7 to 10). The abstract (of 1400-1600 characters at a single space between words) should completely enough to describe the article content. It should include the aims and tasks, methods, results, field of application, conclusions.

4. Each article should have a bibliography list, including of not less than 8-10 references (own works of authors should amount to not more than one/fourth of the list; references to sources since 2000 are obligatory).

The literature cited in the article should be prepared in the following way:

  • for books: name, initials of author(s), full title, city, publishing house, year of edition, total number of pages;
  • for journal articles: name, initials of author(s), title of article, journal, year of publication, number, volume or issue, pages; foreign publications should be given in the language of original
  • for articles in collection: title of article, authors, name of collection, number of issue (or volume), place of publication, publishing house (or publishing organization), pages of beginning and end of article;
  • for internet-references: name of resource, access mode.

5. Manuscript of article should be signed by all the authors (or by one author on behalf of author's group). Manuscript should enclose the license agreement for transfer of the author's rights to the editorial board for the article publication. Form of agreement is given on site: or can be sent by the editorial board by E-mail (by request). Non-conformity of materials to the above-mentioned requirements (items 1-5) may serve a reason to refuse a manuscript for publication.

6. Authors of the article can receive free of charge one copy of appropriate numbers of journals «Avtomaticheskaya Svarka» and «The Paton Welding Journal» (by request).

Contacts of Editorial Board of Journals «Avtomaticheskaya Svarka» and «The Paton Welding Journal»:

The E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute

11, Bozhenko str., 03680, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel./Fax: (38044) 200-82-77, Tel.: (38044) 200-63-02

E-mail: au.veik.notap@lanruoj;


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«Математичне моделювання и інформаційні технології в зварюванні та споріднених процесах», Одеса, Україна, готель «Курортний», 10-14 вересня 2018 р.

2018.04.06 Опубликовано 1е информаційне повідомлення XXII міжнародної конференції
«Сучасні методи та засоби неруйнівного контролю і технічної діагностики», 10-14 вересня 2018 р., Одеса, готель «Курортний»

2018.02.18 Опубликовано 1е информационное сообщение IX международной конференции
«Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии в сварке и родственных процессах», 10-14 сентября 2018 г., Одесса, отель «Курортный»

2018.01.20 Опубликован Сборник докладов VІІІ межд. конф. «Лучевые технологии в сварке и обработке материалов».
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