The Paton Welding Journal 2007 #06

Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Grigorenko G.M., Novikova D.P., Zagadarchuk V.F., Kharchenko G.K., Grigorenko S.G. and Alekseenko I.I. Effect of energy input on ductile properties of flash butt welded joints in steel X70 2
The effect of energy input in flash butt welding of pipes of steel 10G2FB on ductile properties of welded joints was investigated. It is shown that impact toughness of metal of the welded joints is determined by its structural state and grain size. It is recommended to reduce the energy input of the welding process to achieve consistently high ductile properties of the welded joints, as this provides formation of fine-grained two-phase structure in the weld metal, consisting of the MAC-phase in the ferritic matrix.
Lobanov L.M., Pashchin N.A., Loginov V.P. and Smilenko V.N. Change of the stress-strain state of welded joints of aluminium alloy AMg6 after electrodynamic treatment 7
The effect of electrodynamic treatment (EDT) on the stress-strain state of flat specimens of AMg6 alloy at different diagrams of preliminary loading was studied. The measurement procedure based on ultrasonic NDT method was developed, and residual stresses in butt welded joints were measured. As established, EDT allows residual stresses in AMg6 alloy welded joints to be decreased by 50--65 %.
Moravetsky S.I., Parshenkov N.A. and Sokirko V.A. Features of electromagnetic impacts on the metals and their welded joints (Review) 14
Published data on the main features and mechanisms of electromagnetic impact on the structure of the base metal and welded joints are described.
Kharchenko G.K., Ishchenko A.Ya., Falchenko Yu.V., Muravejnik A.N. and Gordan G.N. Pressure welding of AMg5/23% SiC composite 20
Technology was developed for vacuum welding of dispersion-strengthened composite material AMg5/23 % SiC. It was established that in welding in the forming matrix with a cyclic application of pressure the interlayer of commercial-purity aluminium is saturated with magnesium and manganese, it is hardened, and shear strength of the welded joint grows.
Razmyshlyaev A.D., Deli A.A. and Mironova M.V. Effect of longitudinal magnetic field on the efficiency of wire melting in submerged-arc surfacing 23
Causes of increase in the efficiency of the process of electrode melting in submerged-arc surfacing at a reverse-polarity current in the longitudinal magnetic field (LMF) were examined. It is shown that the effect of increase in the coefficient of melting of electrode wire depends upon its magnetic properties, and shows up not only in the case of permanent LMF, but also in the case of the alternating one with a frequency of 50 Hz.
Nikiforchin G.N., Student O.Z., Stepanyuk S.M. and Markov A.D. Evaluation of technical state of welded joints on HPS steam lines allowing for hydrogen-induced degradation of metal in operation 28
Loss of performance of degraded metal from different zones of real (~2р105 h) and model (repair) welded joints on live steam lines of heat power stations (HPS) was evaluated. It is established that current state of the base metal in operation can be evaluated only from local (short-time crack resistance) mechanical properties, whereas that of the weld metal can be evaluated also from integrated (strength, ductility, hardness) properties. It is shown that mechanical properties of the weld metal in operation are deteriorated more intensively, compared with the base metal. It is recommended to allow for the revealed peculiarities of degradation of metal of welded joints in evaluation of the current state of the weld metal and estimation of the remaining life of welded structures.
Emelianov O.A., Slavinsky R.L. and Yaremenko D.V. Secondary stresses in welded gantry cranes 33
Formation of secondary stresses and their effect on fatigue of welded gantry cranes are considered.
Bolotov G.P. Effect of the state of surface of electrodes on stability of glow discharge under welding conditions 36
The effect of cathode processes on stability of the glow discharge is determined. It is shown that under conditions of heating by the high-current glow discharge the presence of non-uniform dielectric films on the anode surface caused by its contamination during operation leads to formation on the anode of local regions with a higher current density, which promote transformation of the glow discharge into the arc one.
Tsybulkin G.A. Automation of training procedures of PUMA family robots 39
An algorithm is proposed, which allows automating certain robot training procedures. The algorithm is based on approximation of the trajectory elements in virtual systems of coordinates. Results of the experiment are presented.
Kolyada V.A. and Shapovalov E.V. Stereoscopic measurement of spatial coordinates of joints in welding production 41
Stereoscopic technical vision system was developed to measure spatial coordinates of butt-welded joints. The system can be used for automatic directing of the welding tool to a joint in welding using robotic systems.
Lankin Yu.N. and Bajshtruk E.N. Sensor of molten metal pool level in ESW 44
Inductive sensor of the molten metal pool level for ESW is described, which is characterized by increased sensitivity and stability.
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Exhibition «Welding. Allied Technologies-2007» in Kiev 48
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