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The Paton Welding Journal 2014 #10
The Paton Welding Journal, 2014, #10, 45-50 pages  



SPE «Eltechmach» Ltd.». 25 Vatutin Str., Vinnitsa, Ukraine. E-mail:
The electron beam technologies find ever wider application in the world in production and repair of turbine blades. Equipment for their realization is manufactured in Germany, USA, Ukraine and other countries. The work describes the design features and technological capabilities of industrial electron beam installation L-8 for deposition of heat-protective coatings on turbine blades, designed at the scientific and production enterprise «Eltechmach». The distinguishing feature of the installation is its capability to deposit all the modern heat-protective coatings in the one type of equipment and, if necessary, for one technological cycle. The problem of preheating of blades in lock chambers of the installation, their ion cleaning before deposition of heat-protective coating, and also formation of barrier microlayers between functional layers of heat-protective coatings was solved to delay the diffusion processes at their interfaces and to control the thickness of heat-protective coatings. 14 Ref., 3 Figures.
Keywords: electron beam installation, heat protective coatings, gas turbine blades
Received:                01.09.14
Published:               28.10.14
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