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 The Paton Welding Journal 2006 #08

Razmyshlyaev A.D. and Shaferovsky V.A. Personnel training at the PSTU Welding Department 2
The features of implementation of a multilevel system of education and training of specialists at Priazovsky STU and organizational structure of the Welding Department and Chair facilities are described. Application of module-rating system for assessment of student knowledge allows facilitating the transition to the credit-modular system of Bologna Convention.
Royanov V.A. The Chair of Welding Equipment and Technology is 60 years 4
The work of the Welding Equipment and Technology Chair over a period of 60 years is analysed. Tasks of the Chair in training specialists in metal welding and cutting are considered.
Chigarev V.V., Belik A.G. and Sergienko Yu.V. Design-experimental assessment of the features of electrode melting and transfer process 7
An estimate is given of the degree of interaction of molten metal of the sheath and core of flux-cored surfacing strip. Factors and energy characteristics are considered, which influence the nature of its melting.
Razmyshlyaev A.D., Deli A.A. and Mironova M.V. Calculation of induction of controlling longitudinal magnetic field with consideration for magnetic properties of core, wire and workpiece as applied to arc surfacing 10
Design and experimental procedures have been used to determine the influence of magnetic properties of the electrode wire, solenoid core and workpiece in arc surfacing in a longitudinal magnetic field on the nature of distribution and magnitude of magnetic field induction in the region between the electrode tip and workpiece, as well as inside the workpiece and electrode wire. These data allow outlining the methods to improve the efficiency of a longitudinal magnetic field application in arc surfacing.
Chigarev V.V., Shchetinina V.I., Shchetinin S.V. and Fedun V.I. Regularities of the impact of item shape on electromagnetic field of welding current 14
Equations have been derived for calculation of the electromagnetic field induction in welding of plates and pipes. Calculation and experimental procedures have been used to establish the influence of the part shape on the electromagnetic field of welding current, and a method has been developed to prevent magnetic blow in pipe welding.
Royanov V.A., Matvienko V.N., Stepnov K.K., Semyonov V.P., Zavarika N.G., Zakharova I.V. and Klimanchuk V.V. Flux-cored wire for electric-arc metallizing of the surface of working rolls of the cold rolling mill tempering stand 19
Flux-cored wire for the process of electric-arc metallizing of the surface of working rolls of a tempering stand of the cold rolling mill and coating technology have been developed. Shown is the possibility of applying finely dispersed wear-resistant materials with provision of a high adhesion resistance of the coating to delamination in the technological process of temper rolling with reduction of 0.5 –2.0 %.
Matvienko V.N. Flux-cored wire for strengthening the necks and fillets of mill rolls 21
Composition of a surfacing consumable in the form of flux-cored wire is developed, which provides improved service properties of the rolls of Slabbing-1150 mill. Resistance of roll necks is on the level of that of the working surface of roll barrel.
Malinov V.L. Sparsely alloyed consumables providing in the deposited metal deformation hardening in operation 25
The paper gives the results of investigations on development of sparsely alloyed surfacing consumables ensuring an increase of the fatigue life of machine parts by producing in the deposited metal structure of a metastable austenite which undergoes deformation hardening in operation.
Yushchenko K.A., Zadery B.A., Kotenko S.S. , Polishchuk E.P. and Karasevskaya O.P. Structure of welded joints in tungsten single crystals 29
Methods of X-ray diffraction analysis and optical metallography were used to examine structure of tungsten single crystal (99.99 wt.%) subjected to local melting (welding) by the electric beam in vacuum. Data were obtained on crystallographic orientation of different zones of a welded joint relative to the base metal. Evaluation of density and distribution of dislocations in these zones was conducted. A zonal non-uniform multi-level distribution of dislocations in the welded joint was determined. Changes revealed in parameters of the dislocation ensemble are attributable to features of thermal-deformation processes occurring in welding.
Zhadkevich M.L., Tyurin Yu.N., Kolisnichenko O.V. and Mazunin V.M. Effect of parameters of plasma detonation unit discharge circuit on gas-dynamic characteristics of pulsed plasma flows 37
Physical-mathematical model is proposed for description of acceleration of the detonation wave, and calculations of gas-dynamic characteristics of plasma jets generated by a plasma detonation unit were performed. Effect of electric parameters of the discharge circuit on temperature and velocity of plasma behind the detonation wave was analysed. It is established that decrease in inductance leads to a considerable growth of the above plasma characteristics.
Kuchuk-Yatsenko V.S., Lozovskaya A.V., Nakonechny A.A. and Sakhatsky A.G. Resistance welding of aluminuim-steel transition pieces using deformable composite interlayers 40
A new technology has been developed for resistance welding of aluminium to steel in fabrication of bimetal transition pieces of large cross-section current-carrying buses used in electrolyzers in aluminium production. The mechanism of pack deformation and welded joint formation has been studied. An experimental set-up and welding process control module have been manufactured.
Zhudra A.P., Krivchikov S.Yu. and Petrov V.V. Effect of silicon on properties of low-alloy carbon deposited metal 43
Given are the results of experimental studies of the effect of small additions of silicon on physical-mechanical properties of low-alloy carbon deposited metal in electric arc cladding using self-shielding flux-cored wire. It is shown that increase in the silicon content to 2.3 % leads to decrease in the content of the martensite phase in deposited metal, thus increasing its microcrack resistance.
Sidoruk V.S. «Know-how» and how to use it 45
In the transition economy the «know-how» effectively protects the economic interests of the intellectual product developer. The number of published works and granted patents cannot be taken as the decisive index of the effectiveness of activity of an applied profile research institute. Such indices as the quantity and price of the sold developments and services are important for a successful functioning of an institute. Fulfillment of fundamental research works is important for the long-term perspective. In this case strategic planning is necessary.
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