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TPWJ, 2014, #4, 30-36

Journal                    The Paton Welding Journal
Publisher                 International Association «Welding»
ISSN                      0957-798X (print)
Issue                       ¹ 4, 2014 (April)
Pages                      30-36
Schweisstechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt Halle GmbH. 33a Koethener Str., 06118, Halle (S.), Germany. E-mail:
The aim of investigation of hybrid laser-arc welding lies in accumulation of knowledges about this process applicable to producing of pipe joints. Number of aspects are considered, such as tolerances, effect of environment, mobility of equipment and procedure in irregularities of position. The main attention is paid to investigation of effect of laser welding with large penetration depth in making of high-quality joint in root face of 6-10 mm. Performed is a comparison of different positions of laser beam and arc, which can be used in hybrid welding with different types of preparation for welding. Procedure of production of pipe joints lies in downhill welding of two vertical welds, that is standard practice for pipeline construction and significantly reduces degree of freedom in positioning of laser beam and arc, necessary for obtaining technological optimum parameters during joint formation. Weld bead is elongated by means of continuous movement of torch, that allows made the first pass using hybrid welding and cover pass by arc for one welding cycle in order to obtain closed seam profile in joints of up to 12 mm thickness. Besides, the latter process provides positive effect on mechanical properties of the weld metal. 3 Ref., 4 Tables, 8 Figures.
Keywords: hybrid laser-arc welding, pipe joint, girth welds, equipment, welding mode parameters, experiment setup
Received:                14.01.14
Published:               28.04.14
1. Blackman, D., Dorling, V., Howard, R. (2002) High-speed tandem GMAW for pipeline welding. In: 4th Int. Pipeline Conf. Proc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), 517-523.
2. Keitel, S., Neubert, J., Stroefer, M. (2009) Laser-based girth welding technologies for pipelines - GMAW gets support. In: Proc. of IIW Int. Conf. on Advances in Welding and Allied Technologies (Singapore), 289-294.
3. Gumenyuk, A., Gook, S., Lammers, M. et al. (2009) High power fibre laser welding for pipeline applications. In: Proc. of 5th Int. Congress on Laser Advanced Materials Processing.


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