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2015 №06 (17) DOI of Article
2015 №06 (19)

The Paton Welding Journal 2015 #06
TPWJ, 2015, #5-6, 83-86 pages

Flux-cored wires providing deposited metal with high resistance to adhesion wear
Journal                    The Paton Welding Journal
Publisher                 International Association «Welding»
ISSN                      0957-798X (print)
Issue                       № 5/6, 2015 (May/June)
Pages                      83-86
V.V. Osin
E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, NASU. 11 Bozhenko Str., 03680, Kiev, Ukraine. E-mail: office@paton.kiev.ua
PWI developed flux-cored wires providing deposited metal with sulphide or graphite inclusions, which have the role of solid lubricant and prevent adhesion wear. Comparative studies of heat- and wear resistance at metal-to-metal friction at room and elevated temperatures showed that PP-Np-20Kh5M3FS(S) flux-cored wire can be recommended for welding parts operating under the conditions of increased mechanical loads and moderate cyclic thermal loads. PP-Np-50Kh9S3G(S) flux-cored wire providing deposited metal with high adhesion wear resistance at room temperature can be successfully used for surfacing parts of heavy-duty friction pairs. Having relatively low cost, but requiring application of complex surfacing technology, PP-Np-150S2Yu flux-cored wire can find limited application in surfacing friction pair parts operating at high mechanical loads in the case, if it is cost-effective. 13 Ref., 4 Tables, 5 Figures.
Keywords: arc surfacing, flux-cored wires, adhesion wear, wear resistance, thermal stability
Received:                10.04.15
Published:               28.07.15
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