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The Paton Welding Journal 2011 #05
The Paton Welding Journal, 2011, #5, 43-46 pages  



Karaganda State Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Parameters of the technological operations in cladding of alloys of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a high content of alloying elements are analyzed and generalized. It is shown that the required minimum dilution of the base metal with the high-alloyed deposited one can be achieved only in their separate melting. The most promising technologies for cladding of such alloys are plasma powder cladding and hybrid technologies.
Keywords: cladding, high alloy, technological peculiarities, melting of filler metal, heating of base metal, penetration of base metal
Received:                ??.??.??
Published:               28.05.11
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