The Paton Welding Journal 2006 #05

Paton B.E., Kaleko D.M., Shevchenko V.P., Koval Yu.N., Slipchenko V.N., Neganov L.M. and Musienko R.Ya. Weldability of shape-memory alloys of NiДTi system 2
Welding processes with pulsed heating are the most promising for joining small cross-section alloys of NiДTi system. We studied the characteristics of wire and foil joints produced by spot welding by a capacitor discharge and alternating current, shock capacitor-type welding and laser welding. Methods of optical and X-ray microcsopy, X-ray microprobe analysis, resistance measurement and three-point bending were used to show that the capacitor-type and laser welding processes do not change the material composition and its thermomechanical properties near the welding site, and may be recommended for application in manufacture of nithinol products.
Lobanov L.M., Pashchin N.A., Skulsky V.Yu. and Loginov V.P. Influence of electrodynamic treatment on the stress-strain state of heat-resistant steels 8
Results of investigation into the effect of electrodynamic treatment (EDT) using single pulses on the kinetics of elastic strains and stressed state of heat-resistant steels are given. The experimental procedure is presented and a laboratory EDT unit is described. It has been established that treatment using single discharges initiates the fields of elastic compression-tension strains in the material treated, their values being in direct dependence on the discharge voltage. It is shown that EDT can be employed for relaxation of the stressed states of heat-resistant steel structures.
Ryabtsev I.I., Kuskov Yu.M. and Novikova D.P. Effect of phosphorus on crack resistance of low-carbon deposited metal 12
The paper presents results of investigation into the effect of phosphorus at its content of 0.3Д3.5 wt.% on crack resistance of low-alloyed carbon deposited metal of the Fe-Mn-Si-Cr system. It is shown that cold cracks in the deposited metal of the type under investigation form at a phosphorus content of > 1.2 %. Brittle phosphide eutectics are the centres of initiation and propagation of cold cracks. In a multilayer deposited metal, the cracks can propagate from layer to layer, but they do not transfer into the base metal.
Rymar S.V. Optimization of transformer with developed transverse magnetic leakage fluxes and magnetic shunt 16
Optimization model of single-phase transformer with developed transverse magnetic leakage fluxes and mobile magnetic shunt is proposed for ensuring smooth adjustment of welding current. The model allows calculating transformers of optimum mass, volume and cost while ensuring assigned minimum and maximum values of leakage inductance.
Tsaryuk A.K., Skulsky V.Yu., Kasperovich I.L., Byvalkevich A.I., Ostashko T.V., Zhukov V.V., Dudkin S.N., Ivanov N.A., Miroshnichenko A.P., Nemlej N.V. and Bazhukov A.V. Development and certification of automatic narrow-gap argon-arc welding technology of MCP Dn850 elements at NPP 19
Automatic narrow-gap argon-arc welding in gas mixture of 70 % He + 30 % Ar using 0.8Д0.9 mm diameter welding wire Sv-08G1NMA was employed to join elements of the main circulation piping (MCP) Dn850 of clad steel 10GN2MFA to steam generator branch pipes. The technology suggested passed the research and industrial certification to advantage, was approved by the State Inspection Body of the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine and recommended for joining elements of MCP Dn850 when replacing steam generators at NPP. The automatic narrow-gap argon-arc welding technology will allow significant reducing labor content of welding operations, increasing productivity, reducing amount of deposited metal and level of residual welding stresses, and ensuring high quality of welded joints and significant reducing dose of radiation action on the personnel performing welding operations.
Borisov Yu.S., Borisova A.L., Golnik V.F. and Ipatova Z.G. Gas-abrasive wear resistance of thermal spray coatings of AlДCuДFe system alloys containing quasi-crystalline phase 26
Wear resistance of detonation and plasma coatings of powders based on AlДCuДFe alloy with scandium and chromium additions was studied under conditions of gas-abrasive wear at different angle of attack by an abrasive. Dependence of wear of the coatings upon the abrasive attack angle, deposition method, coating composition, and quasi-crystalline content was established.
Zavalinich D.A., Dzyuba V.M., Lozovoj V.G. andStorozhik D.L. Comparative analysis of application of covered electrodes for major repairs at main oil pipelines 30
Results of comparative tests of Russian and imported covered electrodes applied to repair main oil pipelines are presented. Recommendations based on the experience gained at the Joint Stock Company «Transneft» are given for application of electrodes.
Zhadkevich A.M. Application of reconditioning technologies to extend the life of gas turbine engines (analysis of state-of-the-art and development) 37
Advances in development of welding, brazing and coating technologies for repair of components of the hot section of gas turbine engines are noted. Causes limiting the wide-scale application of new technologies are considered. Prospects for arrangement of repair operations to recondition the blades of gas-pumping units in the gas industry of the CIS countries are substantiated.
Murashov A.P., Demianov I.A., Demianov A.I., Provozin A.P. and Soldatenko G.T. Thermal spray screen coatings for personal computers 42
A method was developed for deposition of screen coatings on office equipment elements (personal computer) by spay applying combined coatings produced by thermal spraying and subsequent impregnation. Thermal spray screen coatings ensure an essential lowering of the level of electromagnetic radiation.
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