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The Paton Welding Journal 2015 #06
TPWJ, 2015, #5-6, 47-51 pages

Wear-resistant surfacing with feeding of nanopowders to weld pool
Journal                    The Paton Welding Journal
Publisher                 International Association «Welding»
ISSN                      0957-798X (print)
Issue                       № 5/6, 2015 (May/June)
Pages                      47-51
V.D. Kuznetsov And D.V. Stepanov
NTUU «Kiev Polytechnic Institute». 37 Pobeda Ave., 03056, Kiev, Ukraine. E-mail: v.kuznetsov@kpi.ua
Experimental studies of wear resistance of deposited metal, produced with feeding of nanooxides to weld pool, are of interest, when searching for new methods to guarantee the high wear resistance of deposited metal for items exposed to friction in service. The paper presents the results of testing wear resistance of deposited metal of 40Kh13, 25KhG2S, 300Kh28M type, modified by aluminium, titanium and silicon nanooxides through the weld pool with different schemes of their feeding. It is shown that nanooxide feeding to weld pool leads to a noticeable increase of deposited metal wear resistance. 13 Ref., 8 Figures.
Keywords: arc surfacing, wear resistance, nanooxides, nonmetallic inclusions, structure
Received:                12.05.15
Published:               28.07.15
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