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The Paton Welding Journal 2015 #07
TPWJ, 2015, #7, 10-15 pages
Peculiarities of degradation of metal in welded joints of steam pipelines
Journal                    The Paton Welding Journal
Publisher                 International Association «Welding»
ISSN                       0957-798X (print)
Issue                       № 7, 2015 (July)
Pages                      10-15
V.V. Dmitrik1, O.V. Sobol1, M.A. Pogrebnoj1 And T.A. Syrenko2
1National Technical University «Kharkov Polytechnic Institute». 21 Frunze Str., 61002, Kharkov, Ukraine. E-mail: svarka126@ukr.net
2Kharkov Machine-Building College. 79 Plekhanovskaya Str., 61068, Kharkov, Ukraine
Extension of life of steam pipelines, operated under creep conditions, determines the necessity of evaluation of their damageability and in many respects depends on carbide transformations in metal. The work considers peculiarities of diffusion and structure of carbide phases in metal of welded joints of pearlite steels after long-term operation. It is determined that concentration of coagulating carbide phases (M23C6, M7C3 etc.) at the boundaries of a-phase grains promotes for nucleation of creep pores and fatigue cracks, that causes brittle fracture of metal of welded joints. 18 Ref., 8 Figures.
Keywords: team pipeline welded joints, carbide phases, creep pores, fatigue cracks, damageability, operation life
Received:                18.02.15
Published:               13.10.15
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