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The Paton Welding Journal 2016 #08
The Paton Welding Journal, 2016, #8, 7-9 pages

Effect of composition of electrode strip on base metal penetration

V.N. Matvienko, L.K. Leshchinsky And V.A. Mazur

Priazovsky State Technical University, 7 Universitetskaya Str., 87500, Mariupol, Ukraine. E-mail:
The paper gives the results of investigation of effect of composition and thermophysical properties of weld pool molten metal on penetration efficiency in submerged arc surfacing using strip electrode. The results of processing and analysis of received experimental and calculation data show that under conditions of formation of composition of weld pool close to strip electrode composition, reduction of penetration area is correlated with reduction of melt enthalpy at replacement of Sv-08kp strip by Sv-12Kh18N10. 8 Ref., 1 Table, 4 Figures.
Keywords: metal melting, weld pool, thermophysical properties, enthalpy, melting temperature, surfacing, strip electrode, penetration area
Received:                28.04.16
Published:               03.10.16
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