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2018 №12 (11) DOI of Article
2018 №12 (13)

The Paton Welding Journal 2018 #12
TPWJ, 2018, #11-12, 112-118 pages

Journal                    The Paton Welding Journal
Publisher                 International Association «Welding»
ISSN                      0957-798X (print)
Issue                       #11-12, 2018 (November)
Pages                      112-118
Some technological peculiarities of performance of assembly-welding works in construction of isothermal tanks

M. Beloev1 and N. Lolov2
1KZU Holding Group 12 Khisto Vakarelski Str., 1700, Sofia, Bulgaria
2Technical University 8 Kliment Ohridski Blvd., 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria
The paper deals with the main technological features which should be taken into account during design, fabrication and mounting of tanks from 9 % Ni steel for liquefied natural gas storage. They include preparation for welding, selection of welding processes and consumables, modular assembly of the tank in site, application of ultrasonic peening of welded joints for stress relieving. 8 Ref., 6 Tables, 5 Figures.
Keywords: arc welding, isothermal tanks, 9 % Ni steel, design, fabrication, mounting, modular assembly, ultrasonic peening
Received:                09.07.18
Published:               23.11.18
1. Welding liquide natural gas tanks and vessels in 5% and 9% nickel steels, ESAB.
2. Welding LNG tanks ans vessels in 5% and 9% nickel steels, ESAB.
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