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The Paton Welding Journal 2019 #03
The Paton Welding Journal, 2019, #3, 34-41 pages
Journal The Paton Welding Journal
Publisher International Association «Welding»
ISSN 0957-798X (print)
Issue #3, 2019 (March)
Pages 34-41

Modular design of high productivity electron beam welding machines

F. Kolenic, L. Kovac, R. Sekerka and P. Faragula

FIRST WELDING COMPANY Inc., Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The paper presents the results achieved in the field of actual design and technical solution of modern high-tech electron beam welding equipments in THE FIRST WELDING COMPANY Inc. The fundamental conceptual approaches to solution of modern technological complexes with application of powerful electron beam generator systems are described. The electron beam technological welding equipments are constructed modularly with special attention paid to harmonisation of hardware and software compatibility. The individual modules of technological unit are periodically innovated with respect to the progressive world trends in the field of electrotechnics, drive systems, computer control, mechanical modules and advances in vacuum technology. The contribution presents both the development of principal modules which form the core of technological welding complex such as stationary and movable electron gun, beam generation systems, vacuum chambers as well as auxiliary modules, which are adapted to the needs of modern industrial production and quality management. Among the examples, remote diagnostics of electron beam machine by web applications, module for monitoring and editing the parameters of technological process can by find. Three examples of different design of electron beam equipments are documented and describes. 5 Ref., 14 Figures.
Keywords: electron beam, welding machines, modular design, modules of welding equipment, remote diagnostics, monitoring process parameters
Received: 13.11.18
Published: 11.04.19


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