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The Paton Welding Journal 2021 #07
The Paton Welding Journal, 2021, #7, 2-6 pages

Properties of butt joints of fine-sheet aluminium-lithium 1460 alloy, produced by friction stir and tig welding

A.G. Poklyatskyi, S.I. Motrunich and O.S. Kushnaryova

E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine 11 Kazymyr Malevych Str., 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine. E-mail: office@paton.kiev.ua

The article analyzes the structural features, characteristics of strength and life of butt joints of aluminium-lithium 1460 alloy with a thickness of 2 mm, produced by friction stir welding and argon arc welding using nonconsumable electrode. It is shown that friction stir welding prevents the formation of a coarse-dendritic structure of welds, provides the formation of permanent joints with a minimum level of stress concentration at the place of transition from the weld to the base material and allows avoiding defects in the welds in the form of pores, oxide film and hot cracks, caused by melting and crystallization of metal during fusion welding. 16 Ref., 7 Figures.
Keywords: aluminium-lithium 1460 alloy, friction stir welding, hardness, defects, microstructure, tensile strength, fatigue resistance, fine structure

Received 20.05.2021


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