The Paton Welding Journal, 2010, №08

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The Paton Welding Journal 2010 #08



  • Pokhodnya I.K., Marchenko A.E., Yavdoshchin I.R., Skorina N.V. and Folbort O.I. Substantiation of the system of deoxidation and microalloying of deposited metal with electrodes for welding and repair of bridge and transport structures ... 2
  • Kuzmenko G.V., Kuzmenko V.G., Galinich V.I., Lipisy V.I. and Nestykajlo V.V. New technology for repair of guide surfaces of axle box opening of side frame of the 18-100 model freight car truck ... 12
  • Poznyakov V.D., Kiriakov V.M., Gajvoronsky A.A., Klapatyuk A.V. and Shishkevich O.S. Properties of welded joints of rail steel in electric arc welding ... 16
  • Yushchenko K.A., Savchenko V.S., Yarovitsyn A.V., Nakonechny A.A., Nastenko G.F., Zamkovoj V.E., Belozertsev O.S. and Andrejchenko N.V. Development of the technology for repair microplasma powder cladding of flange platform faces of aircraft engine high-pressure turbine blades ... 21
  • Chvertko P.N. Flash-butt welding of reinforcement bars of A400S—A600S classes in construction of structures of monolithic reinforced concrete ... 25
  • Anoshin V.A., Ilyushenko V.M., Minakova R.V. and Grechanyuk N.I. Improvement of service life of resistance welding machine electrodes in welding galvanized steel ... 29
  • Azhazha V.M. , Lavrinenko S.D., Tolstolutskaya G.D., Pilipenko N.N., Bobrov Yu.P., Svinarenko A.P. and Aksenova A.N. Influence of getter additives on hydrogen embrittlement of welded joints of structural materials of NPP equipment ... 32
  • Pokhodnya I.K., Paltsevich A.P., Ignatenko A.V., Solomijchuk T.G. and Sinyuk V.S. Effect of yttrium on redistribution of hydrogen and structure of weld metal in arc welding of high-strength steels ... 40
  • Neklyudov I.M., Borts B.V., Lopata A.T., Rybalchenko N.D., Sytin V.I. and Aleksandrov V.A. Development of zirconium- and stainless steel-based composites for manufacture of adapters to NPP structures ... 45
  • Nedoseka A.Ya., Nedoseka S.A., Gruzd A.A., Ovsienko M.A., Yaremenko M.A. and Kharchenko L.F. Instruments for acoustic emission control and diagnostics of welded structures ... 50
  • NEWS

    • International Conference «Titanium-2010 in CIS» ... 54
    • S.I. Kuchuk-Yatsenko is 80 ... 56
    • Guang Xiao is 75 ... 58