Electrometallurgy Today, 2006, №01

Позорная война рф против Украины

Начата 20 февраля 2014 и полномасштабно продолжена 24 февраля 2022 года. С первых же минут рф ведет ее с нарушением законов и правил войны, захватывает атомные станции, уничтожает бомбардировками мирное население и объекты критической инфраструктуры. Правители и армия рф - военные преступники. Все, кто платит им налоги или оказывают какую-либо поддержку - пособники терроризма. Народ Украины вас никогда не простит и ничего не забудет.
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Electrometallurgy Today 2006 #01


Saenko V.Ya., Medovar L.B., Fedorovsky B.B., Shevchenko N.T., Yarosh V.M., Zhukov V.V., Zhuravel V.M., Zajtsev V.A., Kozin R.V. and Remizov A.G. Peculiarities of bimetal material quality estimation 2
Standard methods of testing sheet hot-rolled double-layer corrosion-resistant steel, as well as procedures for evaluation of quality and strength of layer joining in round bimetal products used in their production and investigation, are considered.
Yakovchuk K.Yu., Skryabinsky V.V. and Krushinskaya L.A. Deposition of coatings, containing refractory elements, by electron beam evaporation using «flash» method 7
The process of coating deposition by EB evaporation using «flash» method is considered. Mechanism and kinetics of processes proceeding on the surface of an overheated pool and in vapor flow are described. Results of investigations of chemical composition and structure of titanium coatings containing in addition to refractory elements molybdenum, vanadium and aluminium, are presented.
Shapovalov V.A., Torkhov G.F., Nikitenko Yu.A. and Karusevich O.V. Peculiarities of technology for producing strips with amorphous structure by spinning method with application of plasma heating 11
Influence of technological parameters on formation of rapidly hardenable strip is considered. Results of experimental studies are given, and peculiarities of the plasma-arc installation operation for producing strips with amorphous structure are described.
Shapovalov V.A., Melnik G.A., Vislobokov O.M., Tsykulenko K.A., Prikhodko M.S. and Zhirov D.M. Experimental investigation of erosion of copper water-cooled anodes 14
Experimental investigations of erosion of copper water-cooled anodes in argon at different values of arc current in direct-action plasmatron were carried out. Approximate service life of these electrodes was determined and recommendations were issued for further investigations to create a powerful long operational life arc heating sources.
Rudoj A.P., Zhuchenko L.P., Melnik V.Kh. and Portnov A.P. Influence of manganese on properties of lanthanum-alloyed chromium alloys 17
Ingots of alloys of high-purity chromium with manganese and lanthanum are melted in a furnace with copper mould by induction method. Hardness and temperature of brittle transition of these alloys are studied. It is shown that influence of manganese in alloys depends to great degree on content of lanthanum and conditions of production of ingots.
Malashenko I.S., Kurenkova V.V., Belyavin A.F., Chervyakova L.V. and Shelkovoj A.N. Strength and physical metallurgy of brazed joints of cast nickel alloy ChS70 VI 19
Efficiency of phase compositions of brazing alloys used in repair brazing of cast alloy ChS70 VI has been considered. Interrelation between the structure of brazed joints and technological parameters of the brazing process was studied. Satisfactory level of strength of brazed joints of alloy Ch70 VI at uniaxial tension under 20 °C conditions is obtained. Quality factor of the joints is 85Д92 % of mean value of the base metal strength. High quality of joints has been attained by fine-grain structure of the seam metal, complete wetting and dissolution of filler particles by a brazing alloy, minimum depth of chemical interaction (erosion) of mated surfaces, and rational heat treatment of ready joints in vacuum in compliance with standard mode for the alloy ChS70 VI.
Novikov N.V., Kapran I.I., Sokolov K.D., Gasik M.I. and Ovcharuk A.N. Innovation technological processes of electric furnace ferronickel refining by progressive industrial methods. Part1. Thermodynamic properties of nickel-base systems and binary compounds 31
Thermodynamic premises of electric furnace (crude) ferronickel refining are analyzed on the basis of data on diagrams of phase equilibriums in metal systems and thermodynamic properties of nickel-base alloy systems and compounds.
Lakomsky V.I. and Kutuzov S.V. On temperature dependence of thermoanthracite electric resistance 35
Results of measurement of a differentiated temperature coefficient of electric resistance of thermoanthracite at different temperatures are presented. It is shown that both mean and differential values of temperature coefficient of specific electric resistance of thermoanthracite decrease by means of temperature increase.
Polkin I.S., Demchenkov G.G. and Snegiryova L.A. Present state and ways of improving technology of titanium alloy granule metallurgy for the purpose of increasing properties and reliability of gas-turbine engine components 38
Technology of manufacturing special-purpose parts with high mechanical properties and material utilization factor has been developed on the basis of combination of two processes Е production of spherical powders (granules) solidified at high cooling rates, and hot isostatic pressing. Mechanism of formation of spherical granules and influence of possible impurities on quality of future products is considered. Mechanism of formation of compact materials within the volume of a capsule of titanium alloy granules and in case of producing heterogeneous materials was studied with indication of appropriate characteristics, properties and structures. Examples of manufacturing complex billets of special-purpose parts, which are impossible to be produced using traditional methods, are given.
Goryuk M.S., Tarasevich N.I., Dubodelov V.I., Pogorsky V.K. and Rybitsky A.I. Mathematical modeling of heat processes in casting of cast iron by magnetodynamic meter-mixer 43
Results of mathematical modeling of heat processes in casting of cast iron by magnetodynamic meter-mixer are presented. Peculiarities of casting conditions are studied, in particular reduction of the melt mass in the mixer in the course of casting and its periodical replenishment with new batches of molten metal. Conditions of cast iron casting by doses from 10 to 500 kg are developed. The results obtained will be the basis for developing a new computerized system for controlling cast iron casting processes with application of the magnetodynamic meter-mixer.
Lakomsky V.I. New functional material: oxide cathode of welding electric arc. Part 1 46
Evolution of the oxide cathode idea (from electron tubes to electric arc) has been considered. Oxide cathodes allowed sharp increasing capacity of electron converters in electron tubes. In welding arc they significantly widen technological capabilities of the latter. Arc generator of controllable heat flow has been designed for operation in oxygen-containing gases. Developed at PWI 13

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