2018 №02 (07) DOI of Article
2018 №02 (02)

Electrometallurgy Today 2018 #02
SEM, 2018, #2, 13-18 pages
Investigation of effect of inoculators on dispersion of steel Kh12MF-Sh cast structure

Journal                    Sovremennaya Elektrometallurgiya
Publisher                 International Association «Welding»
ISSN                      2415-8445 (print)
Issue                       № 2, 2018 (May)
Pages                      13-18
S.V. Davidchenko1, A.I. Panchenko1, I.M. Bilonik2, I.N. Logozinsky1, A.S. Salnikov1, A.G. Fedkov1
1PJSC «A.N. Kuzmin Electrometallurgical plant «Dneprospetsstal». 81 Yuzhnoye shosse, 69008, Zaporozhye. E-mail: info@dss.com.ua
2Zaporozhye National Technical University. 64 Zhukovsky Str., 69061, Zaporozhye. E-mail: znu@znu.edu.ua
ispersion of structure of cast steel Kh12MF-Sh, treated by inoculators in the process of melting the ESR ingot of 300 mm diameter was investigated. The comparative structure of network of eutectic carbides of an axial part of Kh12MF-Sh steel ingot with and without adding of inoculators to a metal pool is shown. Parameters of network of eutectic carbides were evaluated quantitatively depending on mass rate of adding inoculators into the melt. The effect of adding inoculators on mass rate of deposition of 300 mm diameter ingot of steel Kh12MF-Sh and total efficiency of the ERS process was established. Ref. 7, Tabl. 1, Fig. 8.

Keywords: electroslag remelting; inoculators; dispersion; cast structure; network of eutectic carbides;carbide heterogeneity
Received:                05.03.18
Published:               25.05.18
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