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The Paton Welding Journal 2014 #09
The Paton Welding Journal, 2014, #9, 17-24 pages  



1Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University. 2 Dneprostroevskaya Str., 51918, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine. E-mail:
2E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, NASU. 11 Bozhenko Str., 03680, Kiev, Ukraine. E-mail:
Equation of convective diffusion of ionized metal vapour in arc plasma, allowing for the difference in coefficients of diffusion of atoms, single- and double-charged metal ions, presence of thermodiffusion flows of metal particles, as well as ion drift in the electric field, was proposed to more precisely define the earlier developed complex model of the processes of energy, mass and charge transfer in the column and anode region of electric arc with refractory cathode and evaporating anode, running in inert gas. Based on the thus precised complex mathematical model, numerical analysis of the influence of diffusion-induced evaporation of anode material (Fe) on heat, gas-dynamic and electromagnetic characteristics of multicomponent plasma of the column and anode region of stationary electric arc with refractory cathode (W) at its running in inert gas (Ar) was performed. An essential influence of metal surface temperature distribution in the region of anode binding of the arc on distribution of temperature and electric current density in near-anode plasma, as well as on distributed and integral characteristics of its thermal impact on evaporating anode surface, is shown. 18 Ref., 12 Figures.
Keywords: electric arc, refractory cathode, evaporating anode, arc column, anode region, multicomponent plasma, metal vapour, diffusion, mathematical simulation
Received:                17.04.14
Published:                28.09.14
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