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The Paton Welding Journal 2021 #06
The Paton Welding Journal, 2021, #6, 2-11 pages

Modeling of stress-strain states of AMg6 alloy due to impact action of electrode-indenter in electrodynamic treatment

L.M. Lobanov1, M.O. Pashchyn1, O.L. Mikhodui1, P.V. Goncharov1, Yu.M. Sydorenko2 and P.R. Ustymenko2

1E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine 11 Kazymyr Malevych Str., 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine. E-mail:
2National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» 37 Peremohy Prosp., 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

The calculated model of the process of impact interaction of the electrode-indenter with the plate of aluminium AMg6 alloy during electrodynamic treatment is presented. The solution of the problem is carried out on the basis of the Prantle– Reiss relations for the movement of an elastic-plastic medium in a plane two-dimensional Lagrangian formulation using the software «ANSYS/LS-DYNA». The results of calculating the process of forming areas of residual stresses and plastic deformations under the impact action of the indenter are presented. It was found that under the impact action of the indenter at a speed of 10 m/s on the reverse surface of the plate of AMg6 alloy, the values of plastic deformations are higher than on the contact one. This is explained by the effect of reflection of a plastically deformed layer of metal from the back side of the plate, which stays in the conditions of resting on a rigid support. An experimental verification of the model adequacy during evaluation of the distribution of plastic deformations after electrodynamic treatment of a welded plate of AMg6 alloy was performed. 16 Ref., 2 Tables, 9 Figures.
Keywords: electrodynamic treatment, aluminium alloy, impact interaction, mathematical modeling, residual stresses, plastic deformations, electrode-indenter, movement, elastic-plastic medium

Received 26.03.2021


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