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Automatic Welding 2020 #02
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), #2, 2020, pp.57-60

Arc and plasma-powder surfacing of sealing surfaces of pump impellers

O.S. Kostornoj, M.O. Laktionov

JSC «Research and Design Institute of Nuclear and Power Pump Construction», 2, 2nd Zheleznodorozhnaya Str., 40022, Sumy, Ukraine. E-mail: www.vniiaen.sumy.ua

Technology of gas-shielded robotic arc surfacing of sealing surfaces of pump impellers with flux-cored wire of ARTINT DUR500 grade was developed. Corrosion resistance testing of deposited metal of this type to GOST 9.912-89 showed that it is on the level of 12Kh18N12M3TL steel. Application of flux-cored wire ARTINIT DUR500 for surfacing these parts is envisaged by the respective standards: GOST 31901-2013 (Appendix O) and GOST 33258-2015 (Appendix C). Technology of plasma-powder surfacing of sealing surfaces of pump impellers in automatic unit PM-302 with application of powders of cobalt alloys (Stellite) was also developed. A particular method of surfacing the sealing surfaces of pump impellers is selected proceeding from the conditions of their operation and economic parameters. 8 Ref., 2 Fig.
Keywords: plasma-powder surfacing, arc surfacing, surfacing of sealing surfaces, deposited metal type, flux-cored wire for robotic surfacing

Received: 24.10.2019


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