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Automatic Welding 2017 #09
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), #9, 2017, pp. 40-47
Structure and properties of alloyed powders based on Fe3Al intermetallic for thermal spraying produced using mechanochemical synthesis method

Yu.S. Borisov1, A.L. Borisova1, A.N. Burlachenko1, T.V. Tsymbalistaya1 and C. Senderowski2
1E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, NASU 11 Kazimir Malevich Str., 03150, Kiev, Ukraine. E-mail: office@paton.kiev.ua
2Military University of Technology in Warsaw Warsaw, Poland. E-mail:csenderowski@wat.edu.pl
Physical-chemical processes taking place in formation of particles of iron intermetallics based on Fe3Al alloyed with Cr, Zr, Mg, La and Ti under mechanochemical synthesis conditions were investigated. It is determined that the process of synthesis of alloyed powders passes a range of sequential stages with formation of solid solutions and finishes with formation of single-phase Fe3Al(Cr, Zr), Fe3Al (Mg), Fe3Al (mg, La) and (Fe, Ti)3 Al products with nanodispersed structure (size of CSA = 10–30 nm). The powders are designed for deposition of heat-resistant FeAl-coatings using thermal spraying and electric arc metallizing methods. 12 Ref., 2 Tables, 10 Figures.
Keywords: iron-based intermetallics, alloying, mechanochemical synthesis, powders, structure, properties, thermal spraying
Received:                18.05.17
Published:               10.10.17
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