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2020 №02 (05) DOI of Article
2020 №02 (07)

Electrometallurgy Today 2020 #02
SEM, 2020, #2, 31-38 pages

Technology of processing metal chips (Review)

O.V. Veretilnik, F.K. Biktagirov, V.O. Shapovalov, O.V. Gnatushenko, A.P. Ignatov
E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine. 11 Kazymyr Malevych Str., 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine. E-mail: office@paton.kiev.ua

Analysis of the known methods and technologies of processing metal chips was performed. It is noted that chips containing expensive alloying elements, namely tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, nickel, vanadium, niobium, etc., are the most valuable in terms of resource conservation. For melting by traditional methods in arc steel and induction furnaces the chips have to be briquetted first. However, there are problems with metal refining in induction crucible melting and with significant loss of alloying elements in arc melting. Technologies based on the electroslag process, when such material is melted in a layer of liquid slag, became the most widely accepted among those for processing uncompacted chips. Here both the nonconsumable, predominantly graphite, and consumable metal electrodes can be used as current-supplying electrode. A conclusion is made that combined melting of a consumable electrode in an electroslag crucible furnace with simultaneous feeding of chips for melting in the quantity of 70 % of the mass of material being remelted, is the most promising for recycling chips from low- and medium-carbon alloyed metal, including widely applied stainless and high-temperature steels and alloys on iron and nickel base. Ref. 27, Fig. 5.
Keywords: chips; recycling; remelting; electroslag remelting; conconsumable electrode; consumable electrode; electroslag crucible melting

Received 20.02.2020


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