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2020 №04 (08)

Electrometallurgy Today 2020 #04
SEM, 2020, #4, 39-43 pages

Chemical potentials and activities in metallurgical processes

M.M. Gasik1, M.I. Gasik2
1Aalto University. 00076, Aalto, Espoo, Finland. E-mail: michael.gasik@aalto.fi
2National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine. 4 Prosp. Gagarina, 49000, Dnipro, Ukraine. E-mail: tehnosplavy@ua.fm

The analysis of the correct calculation of chemical potentials of components in metallurgical processes is provided and the importance of the proper selection of the reference state is highlighted. This has direct implication on correct calculation of activity which must follow the principles of thermodynamics and be suitable for practical application in pyro- and hydrometallurgical processes. Ref. 9, fig. 1.
Keywords: thermodynamics; Gibbs energy; chemical potential; solutions; activity; melts

Received 11.11.2020


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