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Electrometallurgy Today 2021 #02
SEM, 2021, #2, 32-39 pages

Influence of heat treatment on the structure and mechanical properties of sparsely-doped titanium alloy Ti–2.8Al–5.1Mo–4.9Fe

S.V. Akhonin, V.Yu. Bilous, R.V. Selin, I.K. Petrichenko
E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine. 11 Kazymyr Malevych Str., Kyiv, 03150, Ukraine. E-mail: office@paton.kiev.ua

Possibility of strengthening the metal of sparsely-doped pseudo-β-titanium alloy Ti–2.8Al–5.1Mo–4.9Fe produced by ESM method, using three types of heat treatment: annealing, quenching with aging and delayed cooling, was assessed. It is found that by the results of heat treatment in the form of annealing, quenching with aging or delayed cooling the structure of metal of Ti–2.8Al–5.1Mo–4.9Fe alloy becomes homogeneous, (α+β)-structure prevails, and β-phase content decreases to the level of 49…61 %. Water quenching and subsequent aging forms in the metal of Ti–2.8Al–5.1Mo– 4.9Fe titanium alloy the most dispersed and homogeneous intragranular microstructure with α-particle dimensions of 1…3 μm with the highest values of strength on the level of 1187 MPa and impact toughness of 3.7 J/cm2. Delayed cooling at the controlled rate of 1 °C/min leads to lowering of the strength of Ti–2.8Al–5.1Mo–4.9Fe alloy. Annealing without controlled cooling or transferring to the quenching medium is the simplest heat treatment for Ti–2.8Al–5.1Mo–4.9Fe alloy, which ensures a homogeneous structure, β-phase content in the metal on the level of 54 % and impact toughness values of 5.6...7.1 J/cm2. Ref. 16, Tabl. 4, Fig. 6.
Keywords: titanium; titanium sparsely-doped and pseudo-β-alloys; heat treatment; annealing; quenching; aging; microstructure; mechanical properties

Received 06.03.2021


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