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2016 №12 (01)

Automatic Welding 2016 #12
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), #12, 2016, pp. 54-58

On the problem of providing electromagnetic compatibility of power sources of resistance welding machines with electric mains

S.K. Podnebennaya, V.V. Burlaka and S.V. Gulakov

State Higher Educational Establishment «Pre-Azov State Technical University» (PSTU) 7 Universitetskaya Str., 87500, Mariupol, Ukraine. Е-mail: offiсе@рstu.edu
In the work the problems of providing electromagnetic compatibility of power sources of single-phase resistance welding machines with three-phase supply mains were studied. The two basic directions were considered: the application of active filter-compensating and balancing devices (AFCBD) and the development of power sources (PS) with the power factor correction (PFC). The application of AFCBD allows using the existing welding equipment, but the high cost limits its wide application. PS with PFC assumes the use of converters either with DC link, or with direct matrix converters, as far as the basic requirement to PS for welding machines is the possibility of generating output voltage of preset shape, amplitude and frequency. In the article the method of control of three phase-single phase matrix converter with six switches was considered, which allows generating the output voltage of rectangular shape of 50 Hz frequency. The selection of frequency was predetermined by application of welding transformer, designed for operation at mains frequency. The shape of voltage was selected from the conditions of providing the minimum losses of power in the mains and inadmissibility of saturation of the welding transformer. The authors suggested also the circuit solution and the method of control of matrix converter with five switches, which during generation of output voltage, synchronized with the mains, allows obtaining the power factor of PS close to one. The analysis of sensitivity of the proposed power source to deviation of voltages was carried out, as a result of which it was determined, that at generation of rectangular voltage it was possible to achieve the stable operation at the voltage deviations of about 10 %, due to which the quality of welded joints was significantly increased. 11 Ref., 3 Tables, 5 Figures.
Keywords: resistance welding machine, power source, matrix converter, power factor, electromagnetic compatibility
Received:                14.10.16
Published:               24.01.17
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