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Electrometallurgy Today 2018 #04
Electrometallurgy Today (Sovremennaya Elektrometallurgiya), 2018, #4, 70-74 pages

Innovative hydrovacuum technology of granulation of metal melts

G. V. Janndieri1, I. F. Gorbenko3, D. V. Sakhvadze2,3, T. I. Tsirekidze3

1Metallurgical Engineering and Consulting LTD, Tbilisi, Georgia. E-mail: Gigo.jandieri@yahoo.com
2State Scientific-Technical Center: «Delta» Georgia.
3G-Metall LLC, Georgia.

The efficiency of granulation of molten processed ferroalloys under conditions of semi-industrial testing of new method and equipment for hydrovacuum dispersion of melts was considered. The novelty of the presented development is the fact that the working fluid (high-pressure technical water) is running in closed channels around the closed contour in end head of the installation in the zone of mating the main channel and a special tip, immersed into a molten alloy. Due to a sharp change in shape and diameter of the main channel a toroidal vortex is created which forms rarefaction at the tip outlet, thus suctioning the melt by vacuum. The vertical melt flow is subjected during passing through the toroidal vortex to tensile effects, as a result of which it is widened many times and separated into fine granules (flakes). The produced shots, mixed with water, are removed by the same water to the pulp sewage tank Presented are the scheme and appearance of the working installation, as well as main experimental data of the process under the conditions of granulation of high-silicon processed silicomanganese FeMnSi28. The graphical dependence of granules dispersion, process efficiency and consumption of circulating water on initial temperature of melt and diameter of vacuum channel of a suction tip, morphology of surfaces and structure of produced granules (approximately 2.5 mm) are given. A principal feasibility of producing spherical fine-dispersed (approximately 50 μm) powders suitable both for the precision ladle treatment of metal melts, and for the additive production is shown. Ref. 12, Fig. 5.
Key words: molten ferroalloys; granules; hydrovacuum; hydrodynamic dispersion; granules; powders
Received:                06.06.18
Published:               15.11.18
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