Paton Welding Journal

The Paton Welding Journal 2016 05-06

DOI of Issue
2016 04 2016 07


Flash-Butt Welding

Electron Beam Welding

Friction Stir Welding

Hybrid Technologies of Welding

3d Additive Technologies

Ecology in Welding Production


2017.11.02 International conference Titanium 2018: Production and application in Ukraine
Starting from 12.01.2017, you can download PDF files of journals for the year 2015!
2016.11.16 International Conferensce Welding and related technologies - present and future, 5-6 december, 2018, Kiev, Ukraine (The First Call for Papers)
2016.08.06 New book: Pogrebisky D. Welding of Metals: Classification, Brief History, Development

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