2017 №03 (07) DOI of Article
2017 №03 (01)

Automatic Welding 2017 #03
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), #3, 2017, pp. 59-61
Forward inverter source with increased power factor

V.V. Burlaka, S.V. Gulakov and S.K. Podnebennaya
Pryazovskyi State Technical University 7 Universitetskaya Str., 875000, Mariupol, Ukraine. E-mail: office@pstu.edu
A paper proposes a circuit design of single-phase forward inverter source with increased power factor. A peculiarity of the source is absence of additional power inductive components, reduced capacity of storage capacitor in direct current circuit and simplified limit circuit of its charging current. The source has increased open circuit voltage, which does not depend on mains voltage and allows providing easier arc ignition in manual arc welding. Current consumed from mains is 30–45 % lower than in «classical» inverter sources without power factor corrector due to increased power factor. 11 Ref., 1 Figure.
Keywords: power factor, welding, welding inverter, source, arc ignition, arc burning stabilizing, open circuit voltage
Received: 19.01.17
Published: 19.04.17
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