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2019 №05 (03) DOI of Article
2019 №05 (05)

Automatic Welding 2019 #05
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), # 5, 2019, pp.36-45

Gas-powder spraying as a high-performance method of increase of operation reliability of power equipment

A.V. Hruzevych1,2, D.A. Derecha2,3
1Trypilska TPP. 08720, Ukrainka. E-mail:Gruzevich@bigmir.net
2Institute of Magnetism of NAS of Ukraine and MES of Ukraine. 36b Acad. Vernadskii Blvd., 03142, Kyiv, Ukraine
3National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute». 57 Pobedy Ave., 03056, Kyiv.

A work proposes spraying as a perspective and high-performance method for increasing the reliability of work of TPP power equipment. The main type of wear of tubing elements of TPP power equipment is ash erosion and corrosion. Therefore, in order to increase their reliability, operation life and working capacity it was proposed to use electric-arc spraying using PP 70Kh10RZYu5 material as a method of gas-thermal modification of heating surfaces. The aim of work is investigation of efficiency of spraying application for increasing the reliability of operation of TPP power equipment. Spraying of the heating surfaces was carried out on two thermal power plants of PJSC «Centrenergo» in 2013. A feasibility study showed that implementation of spraying technology allows 1.5 -2.0 times decrease of expenses in comparison with  loss incurred by TPP in the case of emergency shutdowns and rise approximately 1.4 time service life. 15 Ref., 7 Tabl., 12 Fig.
Keywords: spraying, power equipment, tubes, bends, reliability, boilers, economizers, thermal power plant

Поступила в редакцію 27.02.2019
Published: 04.04.2019


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