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2019 №08 (03) DOI of Article
2019 №08 (05)

Automatic Welding 2019 #08
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), #8, 2019, pp. 30-40

Application of pulsed impact in consumable electrode gas-shielded arc welding (Review)

V.A. Lebedev1, S.V. Dragan2, G.V. Zhuk1, S.V. Novikov1, I.V. Simutenkov2

1E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine, 11 Kazimir Malevich Str. 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine.  E-mail: office@paton.kiev.ua
2Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, 9 Heroiv Ukrainy, 54025, Mykolaiv. E-mail: welding@nuos.edu.ua

The papers presents the main technical means and methods of pulsed control of the process of consumable electrode gas-shielded arc welding, developed over the recent years at PWI and Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding. A lot of attention is given to methods using systems of pulsed impact on the processes of electrode metal transfer, weld formation and deposited metal structure. Good prospects for application of systems with pulsed dozed feed of electrode wire are shown, and results of effective control of welding and surfacing processes are given. Methods of arc welding with pulsed feed of shielding gas and two-jet gas shielding are considered, and problems are indicated, which prevent extensive application of these processes. The paper gives the results of some studies of the influence of external electromagnetic impact on electrode metal transfer, weld formation and crystallization, and presents some examples of effective application of this method of welding process control. Analysis of the methods of mechanical impact on the welding process using different oscillator systems was performed. The possibility is shown of combined control of electrode metal transfer, deposited bead formation and its metal structure, depending on the scheme of oscillation application and oscillation process parameters. The good prospects for this method application for surfacing operations are pointed out. 34 Ref., 2 Tabl., 12 Fig.
Keywords: welded joint, properties, control, technical means, analysis, application

Received: 21.06.2019
Published: 11.07.2011


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