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Automatic Welding 2020 #07
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), #7, 2020, pp. 13-24

Hybrid welding of aluminum 1561 and 5083 alloys using plasma arc and consumable electrode arc (Plasma-MIG)

O.A. Babych1, V.M. Korzhyk2, А.А. Grynyuk2, V.Yu. Khaskin2, Chunlin Dong1, Shanguo Han1

1Guangdong Welding Institute (China-Ukraine E.O. Paton Institute of Welding) Guangzhou, China.
2E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine, 11, Kazymyr Malevych Str., 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine. E-mail: office@paton.kiev.ua

In the article it is shown that to improve mechanical properties and decrease indices of stress-strain state of welded joints of alloyed aluminum 1561 and 5083 alloys it is rational to apply hybrid plasma arc welding using arc of a consumable electrode, which as compared to traditional welding using arc of a consumable electrode allows reducing the electrode wire consumption by 10...30 %, input energy – up to 25 %, residual deformations – by 2...3 times, residual stresses – by about 20 % according to absolute value, as well as reducing burnout of such alloying element as Mg by 15...20%. 19 Ref., 6 Tabl., 9 Fig.
Keywords: hybrid plasma arc welding using consumable electrode (Plasta-MIG), pulsed arc welding using consumable electrode (MIG), surfacing welds, butt welds, strength, burnout of alloying elements, stress-strain state

Received: 11.06.2020


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