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Automatic Welding 2021 #11
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), #11, 2021, pp. 3-7

Characteristics of arc column during TIG welding with the effect of longitudinal magnetic field

О.D. Razmyshlyaev1, M.V. Ahieieva2

1SHEI «Priazov State Technical University», 7 Universitetskaya Str., 87500, Mariupol, E-mail: razmyshljaev@gmail.com
2Donbass State Mechanical Academy, 72 Akademicheskaya Str., 84413, Kramatorsk. E-mail: maryna__ah@ukr.net

A device was designed that allows inserting a tungsten dart probe into the plasma of arc column during TIG welding. The operation of the device envisaged that a metal string with a diameter in the range of (0.25…0.4) · 10–3 m was elastically deformed (twisted) under the action of torque. During the movement of the arc column plasma, the probe was subjected to a pressure force, the string was elastically deformed and this allowed establishing the velocity of the arc column plasma rotating around its axis during TIG welding under a constant longitudinal magnetic field. The arc burned between the tungsten electrode and a copper plate with a thickness of 6,0 · 10–3 m on the direct polarity without mixing the electrode (vw = 0). The length of the arc was 4.0 · 10–3 m. It was found that at a welding current of 200 A, an increase in the induction of the magnetic field from 18 to 45 mT leads to an increase in the azimuthal velocity of the arc column plasma at a distance within (3…4) · 10 -3m from its axis in the range from 17 to 20 m/h, and the angular speed of rotation is in the range from 750 to 940 rps. The plasma probings of the arc column were performed with a double probe during TIG welding with the effect of a constant longitudinal magnetic field. In capacity of probes, tungsten darts with a diameter of 0.3 ∙ 10–3 m served. According to the results of measuring voltage drop, between the probes the values of longitudinal and azimuthal current densities at a set point during TIG welding were established. It was found that at the level of magnetic field induction within 18…45 mT and arc current of 200 A, the values of the azimuthal component of current density in the arc column are approximately the same as the values of the longitudinal component of current density in the arc column. 14 Ref., 6 Fig.
Keywords: TIG welding, longitudinal magnetic field, induction, current density

Received: 20.09.2021


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