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Electrometallurgy Today 2019 #03
Electrometallurgy Today (Sovremennaya Elektrometallurgiya), 2019, #3, 23-28 pages

Journal Современная электрометаллургия
Publisher International Association «Welding»
ISSN 2415-8445 (print)
Issue № 3, 2019 (September)
Pages 23-28

Vacuum-arc installation for deposition of functional coatings

A.V. Demchishin1, A.A. Demchishin2, V.A. Michenko1

1Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Material Science of the NAS of Ukraine. 3 Krzhizhanovskogo str., 03142, Kyiv, Ukraine. E-mail: ademch@ipms.kiev.ua
2NTUU «Igor Sikorskii KPI». 37 Pobedi Prosp., 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

The 120 kW modified vacuum-arc installation of industrial type for deposition of functional coatings on critical parts is presented. A feature of the plant consists in the use of more simple in fabrication 8 planar-type cathodes instead of the single tubular cathode. This provides a longer working life of the installation without replacement of evaporated elements, a decrease of the threshold current level of the arc discharge, a higher coefficient of the cathode material utilization and also deposition in one technological process of two-layered coatings with different content of alloying elements (for example, Al in titanium alloy) in each layer by means of successive application of 4 cathodes of one chemical composition and then next 4 cathodes of other chemical composition. A pulse-modulated power supply is also specified for substrates holder in this installation that allows producing the high-quality layers of metallic or non-metallic coatings on a surface of working parts. Optimization of the technology of cathode-arc evaporation with application of planar-type cathodes made of commercially pure titanium and SDP-2, SDP-6 nickel alloys was fulfilled in the modified vacuum-arc Bulat-3T installation. Surface structure and cross-section fracture of 60…80 μm SDP-6 condensate are presented in the paper. Distribution of metallic elements along the deposit thickness is also given and shows a chemical homogeneity of deposited layer. A blade made from ZhS6 high-temperature strengthened nickel alloy with SDP-6 alloy functional coating is also shown as an example. Ref. 2, Fig. 6.
Key words: vacuum-arc installation; planar-type cathode; pulsed power supply; substrate holder; surface structure of deposit; condensate; element distribution in deposit; coatings
Received: 11.06.19
Published: 03.10.19


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