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2020 №01 (06) DOI of Article
2020 №01 (08)

Automatic Welding 2020 #01
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), #1, 2020, pp.51-56

Electron beam welding with programming of beam power density distribution

V.V. Skryabinsky, V.M. Nesterenkov, M.O. Rusynyk
E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine. 11 Kazymyr Malevych Str., 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine. E-mail: office@paton.kiev.ua

In the existing models of electron beam welding process, the shape and sizes of penetration zone are determined both by power parameters as well as shape of heating source. The effective control of the electron beam power density distribution and, therefore, of the shape of the heating source is possible by using a discrete scanning. A procedure and a computer program were developed to calculate the power density distribution at a discrete scanning of electron beam, taking into account the coordinates of scan points, relative time of its stop at the points and frequency of scanning. The joint application of a computer program for calculation of the power density distribution together with a mathematical model of electron beam welding allows obtaining a set shape and sizes of penetration zone. The results of calculation of welding modes and cross-sections of welds with parallel side walls and a large radius of rounding of the root during a partial penetration of specimens of stainless steel are given. The method of calculating the electron beam welding parameters and cross-section of the joint of dissimilar alloys are also given. 11 Ref., 7 Fig.
Keywords: electron beam welding, beam power density, computer-aided design of scanning, shape of penetration zone, welding of dissimilar alloys

Received: 07.11.2018


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