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2018 №02 (04) DOI of Article
2018 №02 (06)

Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Testing 2018 #02
Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Testing №2, 2018, pp. 37-44
Objective and efficient visual control of extended metal structures
E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine, 11 Kazimir Malevich str., 03150, Kyiv. E-mail: office@paton.kiev.ua
It is proposed to place the means for visual measurement control, namely video cameras, laser meters of the width, distances and shape of welds, electronic means for recording and transmission of digital images on mobile magnetic platforms, moving over the metal structure surface. Such mobile means can be used also for measurement of local stressed states. Examples of such mobile visual measurement devices are also given. 16 References, 7 Figures.
Keywords: laser; magnetic, mechanized, visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, X-ray inspection; control, reliability; extended metal structures, welds; recording, dangerous zones, local stressed state
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Received: 11.05.2018
Published: 24.05.2018