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2022 №04 (04)

Automatic Welding 2022 #04
Avtomaticheskaya Svarka (Automatic Welding), #4, 2022, pp. 14-18

Centrifugal plasma surfacing of drill pump bushings

O.I. Som

Plasma-Master Co. Ltd. 3 Akademik Krzhizhanovskii str., 03142, Kyiv. E-mail:info@plasma-master.com

Features of centrifugal plasma surfacing using powders of three different alloying systems based on iron and nickel were studied. It is found that at centrifugal plasma surfacing the iron-based test powder has the best welding-technological properties. It allows producing deposited metal of 200Kh15D2MS2R type. The layer deposited with this powder, has a microstructure of uniform height and ensures increase of the sleeve wear resistance 5 – 6 times, compared to batch-produced ones, which are made from steel 70 and quenched by SHF. A design of the bushing component is proposed with replaceable surfaced sleeve, which is more adaptable to fabrication and allows repairing it by simple replacement of the worn sleeve. 10 Ref., 1 Table, 8 Fig.
Keywords: centrifugal plasma surfacing, surfacing alloys, deposited metal, metal structure, wear resistance, carbides, hardness, layer thickness

Received: 19.04.2022


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