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Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Testing 2018 #01
Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Testing #1, 2018, pp. 3-7

Evaluation of damage level in ferritic-pearlitic steels by the  value of the change of longitudinal acoustic wave velocity

V.R. Skalskyi, O. M. Mokryy

G.V. Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the NAS of Ukraine, 5 Naukova str., 79060, Lviv, Ukraine E-mail: skalsky.v@gmail.com, mokomo@lviv.farlep.net
Quantitative characteristic of the change of velocity of a longitudinal acoustic wave and density in ferritic-pearlitic steel as a result of plastic deformation was obtained. Possibility of evaluation of the level of damage that is due to plastic deformation by the change of acoustic wave velocity is demonstrated. Experimental data were the base for correlating the change of velocity and damage level in the form of a third-degree polynomial. 14 References, 3 Figures.
Keywords: plastic deformation, damage level, acoustic wave velocity, density

Received: 22.01.2018
Published: 20.03.2018

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