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2018 №01 (03)

Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Testing 2018 #01
Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Testing #1, 2018, pp. 8-20

Monitoring the technical condition of process piping at long-term operation in hydrogen-containing working medium

C. Z. Stasyuk

G.S. Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength of the NAS of Ukraine, 2 Timiryazevskaya str., 01014, Kyiv, Ukraine E-mail:stasiuk-ipp@list.ru

The paper deals with procedural approaches to expert evaluation of the technical condition of process piping, transporting flammable and explosive media that contain from 60 up to 90 vol. % hydrogen in a mixture with liquid or vaporous carbohydrates, hydrogen sulphide and other components. 14 References, 7 Tables, 9 Figures.
Keywords: process piping, catalytic reforming, hydrogen corrosion, mechanical testing, mechanical properties, safe service life
Received  23.02.2018
Published: 20.03.2018

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