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2018 №03 (04) DOI of Article
2018 №03 (06)

Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Testing 2018 #03
Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Testing №3, 2018, pp. 43-46
Features of vibration measurements in rolling stands

V.V. Verenev1, A.V. Baglai2, S.V. Belodedenko3
1Z.I.Nekrasov Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy of NASU, 1 Acad. Starodubov str., 49107, Dnepr. E-mail: verenev0704@gmail.com
2SC “Diamekh-Ukraine”. 19 Kirgizskaya str., 61105, Kharkiv-105, ABK-1. E-mail: baglay@diamech.com.ua
3National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, 4 Gagarin Ave., 49600, Dnepr. E-mail: sergeibelo@g,mail.com

Development of diagnostic systems for rolling mills should take into account two operation modes: transition at strip gripping by the rolls and steady during idle-running and rolling. It is shown that measurement of vibration signals of transition processes should be conducted, primarily, allowing for the combinations of the worst and the best states of the spindle and motor sections of the drive line. In this case, the accuracy of determination of wear and clearance angles in the junctions is essentially increased. Diagnostics in the stationary operating mode is conduced similar to rotary machines. It results in finding breakage of bearings, gearing, etc. that is not determined at strip gripping. 5 Ref., 1 Table, 4 Fig.
Keywords: rolling stand; drive line, dynamics, wear, clearances, vibration

Received: 21.03.2018
Published: 20.09.2018

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