Sakharnov A.V.

Total articles published in the journal «Paton Welding Journal»: 3

  1. Khaskin V.Yu., Shelyagin V.D., Garashchuk V.P., Sydorets V.N., Sakharnov A.V. and Goncharenko E.I. Laser butt welding with high-frequency heating of weld edges ... 24 (2001, ¹11)
  2. Shelyagin V.D., Khaskin V.Yu., Garashchuk V.P., Siora A.V., Bernatsky A.V. and Sakharnov A.V. Hybrid CO2-laser and CO2 consumable-arc welding ... 35 (2002, ¹10)
  3. Shelyagin V.D., Khaskin V.Yu., Siora A.V., Sakharnov A.V. and Goncharenko E.I. Laser welding of thin-sheet steels using special approaches... 39 (2003, ¹01)

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