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6-8 June 2006, Kiev, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute
Computer Technology in Welding and Manufacturing, 16th International Conference and Mathematical Modelling and Information Technologies in Welding and Related Processes, 3rd International Conference
Proceedings of Joint International Conference / Edited by Prof. W. Lucas and Prof. V.I. Makhnenko
Kiev: International Association «Welding», 328 pp. Soft cover, 200х290 mm.

(2006) The book contains papers presented at the Joint 16th International Conference «Computer Technology in Welding and Manufacturing» & 3rd International Conference «Mathematical Modelling and Information Technologies in Welding and Related Processes», covering the latest achievements in the field of mathematical modelling and computer technology for welding, cutting, surfacing and other advanced methods of materials processing. Prospects of application of welding technologies are considered. Authors of the papers are the known specialists from many countries all over the world. Kiev: E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, NAS of Ukraine, 328 pp.


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  • Abdullah B.M., Smith J.S. and Lucas B. Vision System for Monitoring Arc Welding Processes 13
  • Bikbulatov D.V., Dyachenko V.I., Kunkevich D.P., Medvedev S.V. and Streltsov A.I. Software-Methodical Means for Formation of Technological Documentation of New Generation 20
  • Brightmore A. and Hole G. Improving the Documentation of Welding at Heatric Ltd. by Using the Welding Coordinator Software System 23
  • Chinery M. and Strachan J. Taking Fabrication Management into the 21st Century 26
  • Christiansson A.-K. and Gougeon P. Sensor and Control System for Metal Deposition Using Robotised Laser Welding 29
  • Cuiuri D. and Norrish J. Versatile Welding Power Source Controller for Research and Product Development 32
  • Gorbach V.D., Steshenkova N.A. and Ponikarovski R.F. Software-Controlled Technologies of Adaptive Welding 40
  • Hyeong-Soon Moon, Yong-Baek Kim, Jong-Joon Kim, Jong-Cheol Kim and Moo-Ryeong Park. Automatic Pipeline Welding System with Self-Diagnostic Function and Laser Vision Sensor 46
  • Keitel S., Ahrens C. and Aryus A. Blended Learning for Welding Engineers: First Experience 51
  • Kovalenko V.S. and Kolpakov V.V. Virtual Enterprise Based on Highly Efficient Use of Industrial Laser Systems 55
  • Kunkevich D.P., Medvedev S.V. and Yakovleva Zh.G. Developed Computer Technology for Designing Assembly-Welding Technological Tooling 58
  • Mavromatidis P. and Lucas J. Modelling and Testing of Dielectric Heat Source Designs for the Microwave Thermal Spraying Process 63
  • Melyukov V., Korepanov A. and Tyurin V. Method of Optimum Control in Technological Processes for Welding and for Local Thermocyclic Treatment 68
  • Nicholson A., Norrish J. and Di Pietro P. Novel Offline Robot Programming Software 73
  • Norrish J. Model for Distance Learning of Welding Engineers and Some Experience with its Application 76
  • Petrushina M.V. Moving Heat Source Model Capabilities in LS-DYNA Parallel Version 80
  • Pietras A., Zadroga L. and Mikno Z. New Quality Inspection System for AC Resistance Welding 84
  • Plotnikov A.M., Karpoushkina N.G. and Paute D.G. Program-Technical Complex on the Base of Thermal Cutting Machines of RITM-Type for Optimal Nesting of Metal, Development of NC Programs and Cutting of Parts 91
  • Pratt A., Norrish J. and Dunn L. Computer Based Virtual Reality Training System for Welding 95
  • Pretorius T., Woitschig J., Habedank G. and Vollertsen F. Distortion Manipulation by Means of Thermal Generation of Residual Stresses 100
  • Shapovalov E.V. and Kolyada V.A. Technical Vision Means for Butt Following Systems Used in Welding Fabrication 106
  • Sinitsky V.A. Computer-Aided Technology for Checking of Shape Parameters of Welded and Pipe Structures in Shipbuilding with Use of Location Acoustic Measuring Stations 110
  • Sung-Hoon Ko, Hyeong-Soon Moon and Jong-Cheol Kim. Characteristics of Magnetic Field in Automated Multi-Torches FCAW 113
  • Tapp J., Guy P. and Chawla K. Weld Monitoring and Stability Indices 116


  • Afonin Yu.V., Bataev A.A., Burov V.G., Orishich A.M., Malikov A.G. and Shikakhalev E.G. Physical Simulation of CO2 Laser Welding of AlДLi and Ti Alloys, Low-Carbon and Stainless Steels 123
  • Aleksandrov S., Hulka K., Morozov Yu. and Nazarov A. Optimisation of Alloy Design for Good Weldment of HSLA Steels 130
  • Berezovsky B.M., Pujko A.V. and Pilnik O.V. Mathematical Computer Modeling and Optimization of Welded Joint Formation for Multi-Pass Welding of Gas Pipeline Fittings 136
  • Bolshakov M.V. and Lukina G.N. Mathematical Modelling of Cold Pressure Welding 143
  • Borodianskiy K., Lugovskoy A., Mazurovsky V., Zinigrad M. and Gedanken A. Modeling of the Weld Metal Microstructure 147
  • Charles C. and Jarvstrat N. Finite Element Modelling of Microstructure on GTAW Metal Deposition of TiД6AlД4V Alloy 151
  • Cherepanov A.N., Shapeev V.P., Fomin V.M. and Semin L.G. Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer and Structure Formation in Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloy 157
  • Karkhin V.A., Khomich P.N. and Michailov V.G. Prediction of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Weld Metal with Consideration for Real Weld Geometry 162
  • Karkhin V.A., Levchenko A.M., Khomich P.N. and Michailov V.G. Computer-Aided Express Determination of Diffusible Hydrogen in Deposited Weld Metal 167
  • Korolyova T.V., Starodubtsev V.A., Stepanov B.V. and Yarochkin V.A. Numerical Study of Influence of Edge Preparation Angle of Butt, Tee and Corner Joints on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in FZ and HAZ on Low-Alloy Steels of General Designation 173
  • Kovalev O.B. and Manajchev K.A. Numerical Simulation of SHS Laser Welding of Metals 179
  • Krivtsun I.V., Demchenko V.F. and Lesnoj A.B. Model of Evaporation-Condensation Processes in Welding and Material Treatment 184
  • Lomozik M. Numerical Modelling of Thermal Cycles in Steel During Surfacing and Welding without Preheating and their Comparison with Experimental Data 188
  • Makhnenko O.V. Numerical Substantiation of Maximum Pressure in Pneumatic-Aquarium Method of Testing the Tightness of Heat Exchange Tubes and their Welded Joints of the PGV-1000M Steam Generator 196
  • Makhnenko O.V. and Makhnenko V.I. Forecasting of Durability of Welded Arch Pylon of Bridge over the River Moskva 202
  • Makhnenko O.V. and Muzhichenko A.F. Mathematical Simulation of Thermal Straightening of Cylindrical Shells and Shafts with General Distortion of Longitudinal Axis 208
  • Makhnenko O.V., Velikoivanenko E.A. and Pivtorak N.I. Numerical Study of Formation of Lamellar Cracks in Welding of Shells of Manholes into Body of Reservoir RVS 75,000 m3 in Town of Brody 213
  • Makhnenko V.I. Aspects of Predicting Safe Operation Period of Welded Joints with the Established Defects 219
  • Makhnenko V.I. Current Problems of Mathematical Modelling in Welding and Related Technologies 227
  • Makhnenko V.I., Milenin A.S. and Semyonov A.P. Mathematical Modeling of Thermodeformational and Physicochemical Processes during Welding of Lap and Butt Dissimilar Titanium-Aluminum Joints 234
  • Makhnenko V.I., Velikoivanenko E.A., Rozynka G.F. and Pivtorak N.I. Numeriacal Investigation of Causes of Failure of Welded Pillars of Casting Stand Crosshead 240
  • Maksymova S.V., Khorunov V.F. and Zelinskaya G.M. Amorphous Brazing Filler Alloys, Research and Modelling of their Structural State 247
  • Mokrov O., Pavlyk V. and Dilthey U. Analysis of Thermo-Electrical Processes and Electrode Metal Transfer During Gas-Metal-Arc Welding with the Aid of Numerical Modelling 250
  • Paton B.E., Yushchenko K.A., Kovalenko D.V., Krivtsun I.V., Demchenko V.F., Kovalenko I.V. and Lesnoj A.B. Role of Quasi-Keyhole and Marangoni Convection in Formation of Deep Penetration in A-TIG Welding of Stainless Steel (Phenomenological Model of A-TIG Process) 258
  • Pavlyk V., Mokrov O. and Dilthey U. Integrative Welding Simulation: Example of GMA Welding 264
  • Ploshikhin V., Prikhodovsky A., Ilin A., Makhutin M., Heimerdinger C. and Palm F. Numerical Simulation of Solidification Cracking During Laser Beam Welding of Aluminium Alloys 269
  • Saprykina G.Yu. Conditions for Choosing Rational Parameters of Modes of Local Heat Treatment of Welded Joints 274
  • Semmler U., von Breitenbach G. and Sedlmaier A. Finite Element Simulation of the Continuous RF and the HF Welding Process of Internal High-Pressure Tubes 279
  • Seyffarth P., Makhnenko V.I. and Velikoivanenko E.A. Modelling Lateral Deformations in Welding without Tacking of Large Plates with Account of Frictional Forces Created by Stationary Clamps 286
  • Shekera V.M. Experimental Determination of Residual Stresses by Semi-Destruction Method in Conjunction with Numerical Simulation of their Development 292
  • Sudnik V.A., Erofeev V.A., Richter K.-H. and Heins K.-U. Numerical Modelling of the EBW Process 295
  • Turichin G., Lopota V., Valdaytseva E., Malkin P. and Zemlyakov E. Numerical Solution of Inverse Problem for Laser and Hybrid Welding with LaserCAD 301
  • den Uijl N.J. Modelling the Influence of Resistance Spot Welding on Material Properties 306
  • Velikoivanenko E.A., Rozynka G.F., Pivtorak N.I., Starodubtsev V.A., Stepanov B.V. and Yarochkin S.V. Numerical Study of the Influence of Groove Angle of Butt, Tee and Corner Joints on Angular Distortions and Lateral Shrinkage in Arc Welding of Low-Alloyed Steels 314
  • Zaitsev A.V. and Kovalev O.B. Physical-Mathematical Model of Multiple Reflection of Radiation in Laser Welding, Cutting and Drilling the Metal 322
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