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Selection of articles, published in «The Paton Welding Journal» in 2005-2010.
The E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, 2011.- 120 pp. Soft cover, 200х290 mm.
Collection includes 24 articles, published in «The Paton Welding Journal» in the period of 2005-2010, on the problems of flash-butt welding and other methods of pressure welding. Chapters of the Collection are devoted to the development of technology and equipment for flash-butt welding of rails, steel pipes, reinforcement bars and rolled metal of high-strength aluminium. The technologies of magnetically-impelled arc welding and friction welding are also described. The authors of articles are scientists and specialists, known both in Ukraine and abroad in the field of pressure welding. It is intended for scientists, engineers, technicians, designers and post-graduates, dealing with the problems of pressure welding of steels, aluminium and titanium alloys, intermetallics and other materials.


Preface                                                                                                                                            5
Flash-butt welding of railway rails and frogs                                                                                 7
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Shvets Yu.V., Dumchev E.A., Shvets V.I., Mikitin Ya.I., Taranenko S.D.,
Nikitina N.N. Flash-butt welding of railway frogs with rail ends using an intermediate insert     8
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Shvets V.I., Gordan G.N., Shvets Yu.V., Goronkov N.D. Features of formation of structure of joints of rail steel M76 to steel 110G13L made by flash-butt welding                                                                                                                              11
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Shvets Yu.V., Kavunichenko A.V., Shvets V.I., Taranenko S.D.,
Proshchenko V.A. Influence of the width of stainless steel insert on performance of joints of railway frogs with rail ends                                                                                                    18
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Shvets Yu.V., Kavunichenko A.V., Shvets V.I., Taranenko S.D.,
Proshchenko V.A. Performance of flash butt welded joints on railway frogs                           22
Ma P., Bondaruk A.V Experience and prospects of using equipment for welding of rails in Peoples Republic of China                                                                                                      26
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Didkovsky A.V., Shvets V.I. Technology and equipment for flash-butt welding of high-strength rails                                                                                   29
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Shvets V.I., Shvets Yu.V., Taranova T.G. Gordan G.N. Causes of crack formation in the HAZ of cast high-manganese steel in flash-butt welding                                     39
Technology and equipment for press welding of pipes                                                                 43
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Kirian V.I., Kazymov B.I., Khomenko V.I. Methodology for control of fitness for purpose of flash butt welded joints in pipelines                                         44
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Radko V.P., Kazymov B.I., Zyakhor I.V., Nikolnikov A.V. Peculiarities of detection of defects in FBW joints on pipes by ultrasonic inspection                 49
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Grigorenko G.M., Novikova D.P., Zagadarchuk V.F., Kharchenko G.K., Grigorenko S.G., Alekseenko I.I. Effect of energy input on ductile properties of flash butt welded joints in steel X70                                                                                                                  54
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Zagadarchuk V.F., Shvets V.I., Gordan G.N. Influence of nonmetallic inclusions in low-alloyed steels on their weldability in flash-butt welding                 59
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Kirian V.I., Kazymov B.I., Mirzov I.V, Khomenko V.I. Peculiarities of impact toughness tests of automatic flash butt welded joints on pipes                65
Pismenny A.S., Prokofiev A.S., Pismenny A.A., Novikova D.P., Yukhimenko R.V., Polukhin V.V., Ptashinskaya I.I., Polukhin Yu.V. Properties of the welded joints of tubular billets produced by pressure braze-welding with a forming device                                                                         71
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Kachinsky V.S., Ignatenko V.Yu., Goncharenko E.I., Koval M.P. Magnetically-impelled arc butt welding of pipes of steel X70                                                   75
Butt welding of shaped rolled metal                                                                                              79
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Kachinsky V.S., Ignatenko V.Yu. MIAB welding of solid parts                    80
Rudenko P.M., Gavrish V.S. KSU KS 02 system for automatic control and monitoring of resistance spot welding process                                                                         85
Yavorsky Yu.D., Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Losev L.N. Experimental estimation of carrying capacity of butt welded joints of structural shapes in elements of structures subjected to low-cycle load                                                                                    88
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Nejlo Yu.S., Gavrish V.S., Gushchin R. V. Prospects of increasing energy characteristics of flash butt welding (Review)                                                           92
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Kachinsky V.S., Ignatenko V.Yu., Goncharenko E.I., Koval M.P. Magnetically-impelled arc butt welding of parts of automobile range of products                                 97
Chvertko P.N. Flash-butt welding of reinforcement bars of A400S-A600S classes in construction of structures of monolithic reinforced concrete                                                     101
Butt welding of high-strength hard-to-weld alloys and bimetal joints                                          105
Kuchuk-Yatsenko V.S., Lozovskaya A.V., Nakonechny A.A., Sakhatsky A.G. Resistance welding of aluminuim-steel transition pieces using deformable composite interlayers                  106
Kuchuk-Yatsenko V.S., Shvets V.I., Sakhatsky A.G. , Nakonechny A.A. Features of resistance welding of titanium aluminides using nanolayered aluminium-titanium foils                 109
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Zyakhor I. V., Velikoivanenko E.A., Rozynka G.F. Calculation of thermal-deformation conditions of formation of friction welded joints on heat-resistant alloy EI698VD                                                                                                             113
Kuchuk-Yatsenko S.I., Chvertko P.N., Semyonov L.A., Samotryasov S.M., Gushchin K.V. Peculiarities of flash butt welding of high-strength aluminium alloy 2219                                               118