Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference
24 - 27 May, 2011, vil. Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukraine

(2011) «Laser Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing». Kiev: E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, NASU, 150 pp., 200x290 mm, soft cover.
The book contains papers presented at the Fifth International Conference «Laser Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing», covering the latest achievements in the field of laser welding, cutting, surfacing and other advanced processes of laser machining of materials. Prospects of application of laser technologies are considered. Authors of the papers are the known specialists from many countries all over the world.


  • Kovalenko V.S. Towards the fifties anniversary of laser technology development 7
  • Bushma A.I., Sidorets V.N. Peculiarities of operation of feedbacks in power sources based on laser-arc discharge 12
  • Volgin V.I., Mayorov V.S. Development of industrial laser technologies at ZIL 16
  • Gnylytskiy Y.M., Dzhemelynskiy V.V., Demchyshyn A.V. and Krasavin A.P. Surface modification of vacuum-arc deposited condensates Ti/Fe, TI/Mg and nickel alloy SDP-2 by use of laser 20
  • Golovko L.F., Bloshchytsyn M.S., Kachurovska N.O. Intensification of the process of laser gas-powder surfacing using energy of the plasma jet 24
  • Golovko L.F., Kaglyak O.D., Lutay A.N., Klyuchnikov Yu.V., Poleshko O.P. Residual stresses and deformations in steels at laser forming of 3D objects 29
  • Golovko L.F., Lysenko M.G., Lutay A.N. Laser technology for the formation of pinning centers in ceramic superconductors 34
  • Goncharuk O.O., Golovko L.F., Lutay A.N., Klyuchnikov Yu.V., Novikov N.V., Shepelev A.A., Sorochenko V.G. Influence of laser irradiation on phase composition, substructure and strength of cubic boron nitride 38
  • Goshovskyi S.V., Roganov Yu.V., Kurysko S.V., Syrotenko P.T. and Voytenko Yu.I. Mathematical modeling of brittle rock destruction process under the influence of laser radiation 42
  • Grebenkin A.P., Larichev A.V., Mayorov V.S., Panchenko V.Ya. Registration of biomagnetic signals of brain using superconducting quantum magnetometers in laser visual stimulation of eye renita 46
  • Zhuk R.O., Oleshchuk L.M., Pershak N.S. Configurations of industrial laser systems for processing of workpieces with irregular shape 51
  • Quiroz V., Gumenyuk A. and Rethmeier M. Investigations on laser beam welding of high-manganese austenitic and austenitic-ferritic stainless steels 55
  • Kong F.-Z., Lu Y., Dai J.-H., Lou C., Yao J.-H. and Anyakin M. Effect of TiC on thermal stability of H13/TiC composite coating in laser cladding 60
  • Kovalenko D., Yushchenko K., Krivtsun I., Kovalenko I. and Nakvasyuk V. Hybrid micro TIG-assisted laser (TIGAL) and laser-assisted TIG (LATIG) welding including with applicationof activating flux of stainless steel 64
  • Kulik V.M., Shelyagin V.D., Savitsky M.M., Elagin V.P., Siora O.V., Khaskin V.Yu. Peculiarities of laser welding of alloyed medium-carbon steel 71
  • Lou C.-H., Wu H.-F., Li Z.-H., Yao J.-H., Chen Z.-J., Guo S.-R. and Zhuk R. Design of atomizing nozzle for laser cladding special powder 79
  • Mazheyka A.I. Influence of laser radiation on structure formation of crystals 83
  • Mazheyka A.I. Assessment of stresses on surface layers of nickel-titanium under combined laser treatment 85
  • Mayorov V.S., Mayorov D.V. Reduction of wear of cylinders of internalcombustion engines after laser heat treatment 88
  • Mayorov D.V. Evaluation of modes of laser power surfacing 92
  • Panchenko V.Ya., Vasiltsov V.V., Egorov E.N., Ilyichev I.N., Mayorov V.S., Misyurov A.I., Niziev V.G. and Pavlov M.N. Experimental plant for selective laser sintering developed in Russia. Production of materials 99
  • Reisgen U., Schleser M., Abdurakhmanov A., Turichin G., Valdaitseva E., Bach F.-W., Hassel T. and Beniyash A. Investigation of factors for defect-free weld formation by non-vacuum electron beam welding 104
  • Rao R.V., Kovalenko V.S., Kolpakov V., Kalyankar V.D. and Singh D. Parameter optimization of laser beam machining process using hybrid ABC-SA algorithm 110
  • Romanenko V.V., Dubnyuk V.L. Development and application of adaptive optical systems for laser processing technology 120

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